translated from Spanish: Festival of Nations: 4 days «of peace» around the cuisine

9 years ago, Helena rivers had a dream: create a festival where to meet the various p AISES having community in Chile, so they should give to know its gastronomy and customs. At the beginning it had the support of 12 embassies.
Nine years later, are about 22 countries which accepted the invitation to participate in the Festival of the Nations, an event that has been consolidated in the country, as stressed rivers: «every year we have been going up, the fair has grown and people spend it very well. Each year come more people. It will more than 18 thousand people entered in the event.»
Local gastronomy of each country and other stands with craftsmanship of these Nations can be found in the Festival of Nations. But the great Fort is the food, which is what makes the event, which takes place between 12 and 15 October in Center events, of Malloco, 30 kms from Santiago, so busy.
This year the great guest was Saudi Arabia, a country that is in controversy recently by the decisions of the sheikhs. Rivers, however, clarified that in the nine years of the event, none of the invitees, who are usually supported by their embassies, has had problems with others. They are «four days of peace’, as points out.
Thus, in the saudi stand you can find, for example, a classic coffee with spices and dates, as well as other specialties prepared by a Saudi Arabian chef who travels to Chile only for this event.
Indonesia – just be hit by an earthquake and tsunami – will be present with a sample of street food, tasty food that is sold in the streets, as the «lumpia», a few rolls made with the of the pancakes – fried or baked – like mass and stuffed with vegetables, p icados (carrots, cabbage, bamboo shoots, leeks) or with minced meat (chicken, pork or beef).
Spain is present with its traditional paella, where even people can participate at times in his preparation.
South Africa, meanwhile, comes with two dishes Star: ostrich pie, and ostrich Burger.
Greece will show to the Chilean public its traditional Octopus in wine.
Between the national news, there will be a sparkling Orange, the Fraumaron, a drink low calorie with only 4.5 ° of alcohol, without dyes or artificial flavors.
For those who prefer to drink, many stands of natural juices and the great Charter, the stand of beers of the world, with 25 imported brands and many other craft here.
The event lasts until today and entry costs $3000 at the door. A good overview to close the long weekend. Address: Balmaceda 2933, Malloco.

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