translated from Spanish: Organized crime threatened forums and that

suspended them on security forums were not suspended for reasons of organization and time to design strategies, but because criminal bands threatened to attack the meetings with violence. Without a body of intelligence, with the CISEN discredited and decimated, humiliated by the next civil power forces and clashes between the designated secretariat of the Interior. Olga Sánchez Cordero, and appointed Secretary of public safety, Alfonso Durazo Montaño, Lopez Obrador President-elect is approaching reality hell. The messages of reality are nocks: if organised crime has increased its shares to narrow the intentions of the next Government, radical groups are also revealing their own limitations. Violence at the Litoral of the Coordinator of dissident teachers against the Forum organized in Acapulco by the appointed Secretary of education, Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, set the boundaries of the Alliance: or return to the point where the Government was via channels unlimited money to leaders and trade union education policy control or violent protests continue exploding. It seems that no one has understood is that the famous fourth transformation – exist in the actual plans of López Obrador – implies a redesign of the State, although without losing its springs PRI of social control. Only that in the days of the old regime the PRI was the apparatus of control, driving and mediation of reforms by its internal cohesion and its effective leadership and now Morena is a tower of Babel of interests without order and all of them are very petty. Nothing illustrates better how the morenistas will power to sensitive disputes by the social communication office of the Chamber of Deputies. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, reached the shrillness with Lopez Obrador to allow you put your operator press, without understanding that the absolute majority morenoite does not imply the imposition of interest of one of its legislators. At the end I won Muñoz Ledo, but lost the democratic sense of Morena.Hasta now seem to dominate the interests of the morenistas arriving for the first time in real power, while the PRI, the PRD and the PAN morenistas prefer to self-insure their tribal land of power. But both have forgotten that they came to the legislative majority not to relieve only to PRI figures, but to rebuild the State. We already we go, just them said Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray, and you will be left alone. The confusion occurs in public safety; Lopez Obrador and his allies have been more dedicated to discredit the forces of federal, State and municipal security, that offer a coherent programme, fast and efficient to start on December 1 with a strategy that is beyond where came Felipe Calderon and Enrique Peña Nieto.La central idea which has prevailed is the approach to the problem from the standpoint of human rights and goodwill, but credible threats that criminal gangs would attack the headquarters of the forums proved that insecurity is not product of poverty or the lack of opportunities, but the assumption of evil as a direct option. The threats were so real that López Obrador team decision was to cancel the forums that were missing before the inability to resist a massive attack. Likewise, threats from criminal groups against the forums were evidence that criminals don’t walk in search of amnesty or pardons without forgetting, but the security crisis are disputed three things: the domain of the power of criminal violence on the State, the decision to avoid the socialization of the debate about safety and the message that criminals do not want a compact with the State, but it will make use of all their violence to maintain control of their territories. I.e., threats to attack the forums was the first confrontation of the security strategy of Lopez Obrador against the interests of the criminal groups criminal domination. Threats to security forums and the Litoral of the CNTE in Acapulco ahead of Lopez Obrador the Presidency welcome on July 1. And the most serious was the fact that only those two signs revealed that Lopez Obrador still assumes the Government and has already seen fail before the reality their strategies of reconciliation. Policy for dummies: politics is the realm of reality, because the fictions are only demagoguery or illusions.

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