translated from Spanish: Register two road accidents in Zitacuaro, Michoacán

Zitacuaro, Michoacán-two automobile mishaps took place Sunday afternoon in different areas of the town of Zitacuaro, in both incidents granted aid elements of Firemen and Municipal Civil protection; There were no injured.
Rescuers mentioned that the first accident happened on Revolution Avenue South, at the height of the secondary school Samuel Ramos, where a car crashed into a tree.
The damaged drive is Pontiac, Brown, mark managed by Juan x., 26 years of age, who told law enforcement authorities that he tried to park the automotive and shock was registered in the maneuver.
The second event was setting the road towards Aputzio of Juarez tenure, at the height of the rancheria Silva, also known as the dash, where a car and a van were a frontal collision.

Fortunately referred transport pilots suffered no damage and consecutively his health was checada by the zitacuarenses Vulcans. The car involved is a Volkswagen Bora, grey, led by Martín de la Cruz, 52 years of age. And the pickup is one, Datsun, yellow, which was managed by Antonio x., 31-year-old.

Elements of the Michoacan police of transit and mobility were the corresponding expert opinions to determine those responsible and affected shipments were sent to a pound.

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