translated from Spanish: States retain subsidies for 4 thousand 290 mdp

federal entities have received subsidies for 71 programs in health, education, social development, finance, among others, but three months of end of the year, 20 of them have not taken up the budget they were assigned and that adds 4 thousand 290 million pesos.
It’s budget plans dedicated to youth, women and social sectors such as health or education, as the search for missing persons, expansion of the middle and higher education program, educational reform program and to health insurance 21st century and quality in health care.

These data are part of the «Subsidies for federal entities in 2018» study, published on Wednesday, October 10 by the center of studies of the public finances of the Chamber of Deputies.
In the budget of expenditures in 2018, subsidies had a budget of 535 thousand 799 million pesos, which represents 14% of programmable expenditure, and has a «significant relevance for the effects that can have on society and the objectives of the policies public to sectors of the population that need support,»concerns the study.
Of this total budget, went 186 thousand 908 million pesos for the heading «subsidies to federal entities and municipalities», through 71 budgetary programs. The distribution of resources was concentrated in bunches 11, public education, and 23, of economic and wage provisions totalling 54 thousand 644 billion pesos.
programs for the most vulnerable
the city of Mexico is the only entity with grant for the ‘Search for people missing and not localized actions’ program, but has not implemented any of the 282 billion pesos available.
Indeed, he has not served budget for other programs such as «To promote the care and prevention of violence against women», which had 37 billion pesos available; He has also held 1.5 million pesos for the «registration and identification of population».
In educational matters, the city of Mexico has not used the 229 million pesos for the teacher professional development program, nor the 22 billion pesos for the national program of English.
Program to promote the care and prevention of violence against women not be have exercised 177 million pesos in the country, because in addition to the city of Mexico, 17 States has not applied its budget, such as Aguascalientes, Chiapas, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Colima, Mexico State, new Leon, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Michoacan, Nayarit, Quintana Roo, San Luis Potosí, Sinaloa, Veracruz and Yucatán.
This despite the fact that the scene in the country is alarming, because of the 46.5 million women aged 15 and older who in the country 66%, i.e. 30.7millones, has faced violence of any kind and any aggressor, sometime in your life , according to INEGI figures. 
In educational matters, five programs add thousand 467 million pesos not being applied. It’s the program of support for the attention to structural problems and the teaching career at the State universities, with 692 million pesos and 349 million, respectively.
Also the program of expansion of initial education and higher and higher average education and educational reform program.
Youth program subsidy amounted to 21.5 million pesos at the national level, but has not reversed a weight. The same programs like the rescue of traditional Acapulco or the control to public management.
Health ceased to exercise mil 450 million pesos for five programs: quality health care, training and capacity of human resources for health, regulation and surveillance of establishments and services, and the health insurance 21st century.

In contrast, programs that Yes been implemented the budget received are: support for the protection of persons in a State of need, program of community development, prevention and integral management of residues, federal support for payment of debts of supply of electric power, Fund for strengthening financial and strengthening of the mainstreaming of gender, among others.

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