translated from Spanish: The tragic prediction of Mhondiwa Seer who was

Mhondiwa Seer left ice cream to several of his followers, because one of their predictions again was fulfilled and is a disgrace to the art world is the death of three members of the Vigmika rock band.
The Mexican Group had an accident when they were heading overland Queretaro-San Luis Potosi, where they would make a presentation, but unfortunately they did not mentioned place, said prophecy because it had been advertised by the astrologer in the program today where everything was captured on video.
Lately I have had revelations that will come very important changes in issues of the show and remember that you emergías to be reborn, so come all those positive, you have to leave the bad behind, but if I see that someone already died in these days that it is someone very dear to all of us very dear and singer, said for the program today.
Remember that it is not the first time that the Cuban, hits with a prediction because many of them have been fulfilled so many of his fans are alerts for the following prediction.
According to the official network of the band was formed in 1992 and fans has several publications where they boasted their concerts, on the other hand expressed condolences for the irreparable loss.

«‘ Brother, thank you for making what has always been your passion, still rocking wherever you are!». » Rest the rock brothers! «.» Rest in peace».

in this note: prophecy Mhondiwa Seer forecast death

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