translated from Spanish: Gonzalo Heredia: “is a little sad to have to say ‘thank God I’ve got working'”

is in the center of the group. It stretches his arm and take the selfie. That same will be retained as the cover of the play which takes place from Wednesday to Sunday in the Metropolitan Sura (Av Corrientes 1343). Gonzalo Heredia forms team alongside a cast of figures (Raúl Taibo, Carlos Portaluppi, Peto Menahen, Agustina Cherri, Magela Zanotta and Mercedes Funes) who stars in “Perfect strangers”, the artistic representation based on the homonymous movie Italian Paolo Genovese. 

Cover of the work | Photo: Instagram @p_desconocidos after participating in various daily fictions on television, the actor apuestaval theatre under the direction of Guillermo Francella. Jump from the screen to the theater gives you different satisfactions, including part of a show that brought in seven months to more than 700,000 spectators.” I am pleased for several reasons. First: to be part of this cast. Second: to work. Third: to integrate a work of wonderful Theatre in which people joined, and we told him a story beautiful, totally identifiable with a fairly wide generation gap. Identifies any person”, he acknowledges.

Heredia does not mention passing their ability to exercise the profession. “We have to talk about that because it is an issue that concerns us and that we live. It is a little sad to have to say ‘thank God I’ve got working’. I am a lucky. I say this with regret, because it is not something that I like. I would talk about something else”, mentioned in an interview with edge. “People come to the theater is an act of faith” in times of social unrest and economic crisis the theatre becomes the luxury of those who can access to purchase a ticket. The empathy process is mutual. Spectators and actors are reflected.” I am a person who lives on a daily basis. Things I go more expensive. “” Then, that people come to the theater is an act of faith because, although the entrance is accessible, there is a very large inflation but as people come, accompanies, laughs, and choose to come and see the work “, expresses Heredia.” This is a work in which the audience participates actively, not only because of the debelacion of the history and the hidden things that exist in each character, but also in the comedy laughter is one more participant. In a room filled when laughter, is a vientito that feels on stage”, adds. what happens when the public is reflected in the characters, and at the same time, the actors feel threatened by what happens to the spectators?
Gonzalo Heredia put it in words: “often goes to the public comes with your days and your things, then that we be also citizens and makes ourselves in this place.” We started to build a comedy so they laugh and forget reality. At times it is difficult but happens and is good: get to the point where we are all connected, spectators and actors. “Starting from there is a celebration”. For an actor put in the shoes of the character to interpret becomes a central issue. The challenge is to immerse yourself in their world. “Francella was commissioned to adapt the roles – originally Italian – to make them more local and close to the Argentine public.” Found me it very interesting. I think it is the most porteño character of all. Although there are some connections among Italians and Argentines, is the typical Buenos Aires half buyer, arming business where there is no. We know it, we know it much. I liked. It seemed to me that I could do it and understand where”, he says.

Once selected to interpret Ramiro, the actor received the DVD of the film and at the end of it, accepted the proposal immediately. “I saw the film as a simple spectator and I remember that I loved. It was my wife (Brenda Gandini) who told me ‘If you do this play will be a smash hit’. It is an issue that had not touched yet. “” Even though we are in 2018 and social networks are on the rise, there was a work that particularly talk about this and more in a group of friends “, mentions.” There’s something that you have to let captured because if you don’t like that had not existed ever”as the actor points out, are in 2018. However, that is not a condition inexorably to the use of social networks. In first person, the actor has holds with these platforms and choose what book to their privacy.” I am a user of social networks. I have Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Gives me a little shame show certain things. I choose to have to share the things that I want to show and point, not more than that”, says and says:”I’m booked with my family”. Today, networks like Instagram, established the idea of the moment, precisely. This sensation is generated: If the meeting – meeting, event, situation that out – is not portrayed in a photo and posted in the application, not actually occurred. “There’s something that you have to let captured because if you don’t like that I had there never been,” adds Heredia. 
“With some social networks I am little accustomed, with others not so much. Instagram I upload a photo once every 15 days. “Half a plunger but what I get”, recognizes “there are now lots of news, mostly from Internet portals, which rise from the same Instagram and a story is assembled. What I upload is mine, then one is aware that you can do anything with that. No one is forcing you to get you a selfie, is insane. What I don’t understand is having to show all. There are as imperative. “” There are also people like me: that they have networks but does not show a constant contradiction “, says the actor.” If I decide to put the cell above the table believe that me cagaría de risa”Gonzalo Heredia will accept to play to suggest the characters in his work? Answer: “Yes, I would encourage me to play. Depends on the Group of friends.”” If one day I decide with my friends put the cell above the table I think I cagaría of laughter. Always talking about infidelity and there are other things also: tastes, perhaps secret and certain inclinations that one can’t imagine, does not perceive or the other simply does not want to tell. Then you start to learn about edges and areas”, he says.
Continues: “cell phone talks about you much more than you can imagine. Since the typeface you choose to the bottom of the screen and the whatsapps that you have open. If you silenciaste it or not silenciaste it. In that sense I think that you ends you know the person.” Back to Agustina Cherri: “Is a joy” after captivating the audience with the couple that formed in “the rich do not ask permission”, Gonzalo Heredia and Agustina Cherri became lovers on a new opportunity. 

Gonzalo Heredia and Agustina Cherri in “Perfect unknown” | Photo: Instagram @p_desconocidos to finish, the actor says how to live this moment. “We have a chemistry that do not need to build, passes. No need to talk about anything. It happens. It’s a joy,”he acknowledges.

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