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objects that move without apparent reason, houses with creepy past and possessions tend to be the focus of many horror movies.
Among so many stories that make use of the paranormal thing to make people jump from your seat, how many go beyond fiction and were at some point an actual event?
Here we present three cases of horror stories based on real events.
In this film of 1979 Amityville Horror begins with a couple who moves into a house in Amityville, New York, where multiple murders took place. And after living a series of strange events, they flee from the House.
The unique in what seem to agree the movie and reports on what happened is in the murder of a family in the Amityville House. Feo Ronnie, 23 years old, killed in a methodical way to his parents and his four brothers and sisters while they slept.
Little more than one year later, in 1975, George and Kathy Lutz moved to the House three-story colonial-style. They decided to not give much importance to events that occurred on the property, but as a precaution, were instructed to call a priest to bless it.
Although the details of the paranormal events in the House have changed over time. It was from that time that they began to notice strange.
According to what George Lutz told local media, the priest who was to bless the House felt a slap and someone told him to «go».
Getty ImagesGeorge and Kathy Lutz claim to have lived a series of paranormal events in the House of Amityville.La couple also claimed to feel strange smells and cold in the interior of the House. In other incidents, the beds of their children moved in inexplicable way and George woke up in the middle of the night to see their spouse to levitate.
After only 28 days have been moved, the family fled the House leaving behind their belongings.
Among the books that have been written about Amityville and different films that have been made, it is difficult to know which parts were true. But the fact that there died a whole family is still chilling.
The Exorcism of Emily Rose in the film «the exorcism of Emily Rose», a lawyer investigating the case of a priest who is charged with murder after practice an exorcism on a young woman: Emily Rose.
To delve into the case, the lawyer Erin Bruner, played by the actress Laura Linney, realizes slowly that what happened to Emily Rose (Jennifer Carpenter) may not be explained logically.
In reality, Emily is based on a German girl, Anneliese Michel, student of education at the University of Wiirzburg that during their stay in the dorms of the school began to show signs of abnormal behavior, according to reports in the case that He came to international media in 1976. After the death of Annelise.
Getty ImagesEd and Lorraine Warren, researchers of paranormal events that were inspiration for many horror films. In 1973, after several episodes in which reacted violently, a sudden weight loss and a sudden aberration to religious objects, the parents of Anneliese, who were Catholic, took it home and asked for the evaluation of a priest who finally He concluded that she was possessed.
«According to the rules of the Church, (the priest) commanded to call a skilled Exorcist, a Jesuit father Adolf Rodewik, called for a detailed investigation», recounts an article archive from The New York Times from 42 years ago.
Two Jesuit priests who recorded their sessions with Anneliese 43 cassettes participated in the exorcism. According to reports, the only witnesses were the parents of the young woman.
In the end, Anneliese died after passing by 67 exorcisms of one hour and according to analysis that made him, died in a State of malnutrition and dehydration.
The spell as well as many other horror films, «The incantation», which premiered in 2013, begins with a family who moves into a new home, large and mysterious, with the hope of creating new memories in a new wonderful place and… are others saying that sleep is co nvierte nightmare.
In the film, the first warning signal which should take account of Roger and Carolyn Perron was when your dog refused to enter the House of field.
After a series of gruesome events which include unexplained noises, objects that move alone and strange sensations, the couple decides to call paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who in real life worked in many cases as the Amityville House.
Reuters why not you make Halloween to see a good horror movie? In fact, the couple exhibited objects of their research in an occult Museum created.
According to Lorraine, who is now 91 years old, the film is quite close to what happened in reality. Ed died in 2006.
And the largest of the five daughters of the Perron, Andrea, told the U.S. newspaper USA Today, many of the events were real: moving beds, smell to rotten in some parts, icy areas and Yes, also the exorcism of her mother.
«I thought I was going to faint,» said Andrea in the report by 2013.
«My mother started talking in a language that was not of this world and a voice that hers was not. Chair Levitated and was propelled to the other side of the room.»
Andrea also wrote the history of his family in three books and said that it is no surprise you when people doubt his story.
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