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photography / Internet during my #LeoAutorasOct accompanied me captive readings, some I loved and made me ask myself many things, others were not very to my liking. I would like to talk about such readings, but prefer to speak one at a time, so the recommendation is enjoyed more. For column this week, I thought, considering the date and what the author is talking about in its pages, talk of a Virginia Woolf’s own room.
And why talk about this book on October 31? While it is true, is what Woolf tells us in his book women in the field of writing, the inequality between the amount of publications made by women, compared with men; make It presents us with, so that women can create writings that are worth the penalty, you must have freedom so you can have the time required for writing – own income, a decent space for writing and that belong you, an education that allows you to read enough to have a background that inspire you.
It seems that, considering that the words of the author were issued nearly a century ago, things should be different. Almost a hundred years have passed and we still see women completely depend on the money their husbands give them, not all have access to education, or talk about the place so they can create. Not only that, all the citations that mentions, where intellectuals say that the woman has a lower intelligence, are still in force.
We might see more names of women on the covers of the books, if we compare with the publications of the time of Virginia Woolf, but the writers are still challenged by what they write, subtract them seriously. Regardless of gender who decide to write, always it stigmatizes them of sentimental, or does writer under same star also is labeled sentimental because it writes romantic novel, as it happens with Isabel Allende?, would perhaps Game of thrones writer has been? put in doubt about your ability to write all those books as they did with J. K. Rowling?
Remember, the middle ages, where the women who knew more were crossed out of witches, evil and crazy. They were persecuted by the authorities and civilians, burned them in bonfires, it is ridiculed them. Perhaps already not be us accused of carrying hat tip, but social prejudice haunts us in each step we want to climb in our life. We realized that no matter the time, Virginia Woolf’s words still have impact on readers because they are nearby. Therefore, in addition to celebrate the date for recreational purposes, we should think of those pioneers who gave knowledge to the society to heal and who were tortured for not doing what their role requires them. Now the books more beyond the name and gender of who writes them, we choose our readings for the quality of the text, not if it is male or female.
We are not inquisitors, be consistent with the thoughts of our time. Unlike former times, ours is one in which we have easier access to the information, it means that we have the opportunity to have a more open, tolerant mentality. It is high time that let us see the women as crazy sentimental and see them as what they are, human beings.
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