translated from Spanish: Missing pipes to supply water in the CDMX

city of MEXICO.-before cutting the supply of drinking water, the Government of the Magdalena Contreras expected difficulties in the distribution of the liquid, so it asked to save it in the CDMX newspaper.

the Mayor, Patricia Ortiz Couturier, said that he is confident that the joint participation, the days of shortages, serve to avoid a crisis in the demarcation.

Recommended water recycling during the festivities of the «day of the dead». Photo: Pixabay

however, stressed that there should be a control to take advantage of public provision, which will be free.

it will not have capacity of pipes, as he was said: pipes will not reach; then, if you do not enter a process of prevention because we will not arm, he warned. 

These days it will provide tips, disseminated in printed and digital official sites, promoting the care of the liquid.
Pipes provided water to hospitals. Photo: Reform is important, we’re going to run out of water in the city and we will deal with the problem, informing people that we are going to have a problem, he said. 

In the Magdalena Contreras involvement will reach 28 colonies, reason why, explained Ortiz Couturier, there will be informative, flyers brigades and permanent canvases.

as agreed with the City Government, he added, will give priority to public places such as hospitals for the delivery of the fluid.

in the pantheons, during the festivities for the day of the dead, directions will be to recycle the water.
 It is a court now that will leave us without water throughout the city, and then, we need that people start to think about all the problems through prevention, added the Mayor.

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