translated from Spanish: Proposal on security, ends in personal discussion between members of Congress from Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacan.-proposal of security as a matter of obvious and urgent resolution of the point XXXIII of the agenda of the regular session ended in a personal discussion between members of different partisan bases of the Congress of the State of Michoacán.
The disagreement began once the Deputy of the party of labour (PT), Baltazar Gaona García, climbed to rostrum to urge their colleagues to vote in favor of the proposed agreement to issue a warrant to the Governor, Silvano Aureoles Conejo, to instruct to the Head of the Secretariat of public security of a permanent and monthly report on actions in the field of security in the State, as well as the use and destination of the allocated budget, arguing that the insecurity in the State is a real problem and not from perceptions.
The legislator PT justified its proposal with the 3 thousand 369 homicides that have occurred in the three years of this administration and with the warrant, the information collected is turnaría commissions from security and governance, so the legislature LXXIV work on the subject.
Before turns to vote, Humberto González Villagómez, Deputy of the party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), interrupted to insist give you permission to make use of the full Tribune and thus make a suspension for the matter of urgency motion, saying that the proposal of Baltazar Gaona is one «occurrence and lacks legislative and social utility».

He added that security reports are already established in a constitutional manner and that in past weeks, the current legislature has already received the holder of the Executive power with the corresponding report from the third year of work, which included a report security in the State. In addition, added that you as officials and Michoacan, they can request information but only by institutional means, so for its consideration, the proposal of his counterpart fell into the arbitrariness.
Brenda Fabiola Fraga, joined fellow party proposal to the question: «What could be more urgent than security, when there are deaths every day?».
Doing the voting, the Second Secretary told wrong votes, because it not counted 4 votes in favor of the proposal, error that Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla said and caused annoyance of the Congresswoman Yarabi Avila Gonzalez: «If you believe that I’m doing my job wrong, can come to take my place», reviró the PRI.
At the end, and after requesting a second count, the result was 12 votes in favour, 17 against and zero abstentions, so the proposal was rejected as a matter of urgency and customs to the Safety Commission.
The debate became personal, once Gaona Garcia tried to defend his point and accusing members of having voted against, not be in favour of the Michoacan and betraying them.
Octavio Ocampo Córdoba replied that his counterpart could not speak of transparency and respect for the rights of citizens, to accuse than in Tarímbaro – district representing Baltazar Gaona – the municipal President and father of the legislator «has made a niche of corruption «, after it was disabled by the audit of Michoacán (ASM).
The PT defended the city of his father, «If you have evidence present them and get it should according to the law,» challenged the PRD.
For his part, which also joined the discussion was the Deputy of national action, Arturo Hernández Vázquez, who demanded respect for everyone by Baltazar Gaona, as in the first points of the order of the day, the legislator of the PT dismissed their compane Ros who arrived via the plurinominal Congress.
«You hinted that there are members of first and others second by be multi-member, when before you only had those», he said.
In the end, the President of the Board of Directors had to request keep calm in full, and not do the ordinary session of the Congress, a personal and direct discussion.

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