translated from Spanish: Vaccination is to prevent Sir

: for a while now, it has been dragging a tendency anti-vacunas which is of great concern to the world of medical-scientific, as it is misleading to new generations and, at the same time, discourages the inoculation as a measure of prevention of diseases in the population.
It all started as a result of a British medical research at the end of the 90s, which erroneously linked vaccines with autism, association that was harshly questioned and rejected by the scientific community, and that cost the professional title of medical author of the I am a student. However, the tail has been feeling so far.
It should be recalled that this pathology has been reduced more than 99% of the cases in the world and that more than 16 million cases of paralysis, precisely thanks to the introduction of the vaccine in the mid-fifties have been avoided. So too, our country managed to eliminate smallpox in 1950, leaving in evidence once more the effectiveness of vaccination as a preventive action and self-management against deadly diseases.
For 2016, Minsal planned various activities aimed to detect and disrupt all the poliovirus circulation, strengthen immunization programmes and withdraw the oral vaccine. Thus, immunization against poliomyelitis in Chile is today given at 2, 4, 6 and 18 months of life. Since last year the first two doses correspond to injectable inactivated vaccine (IPV), while the second two are through attenuated oral vaccine (OPV).
in an era in which there are many so-called ‘false news’, becomes even more necessary to evidence scientific, learning that he has left us the history of human health over time. According to the World Health Organization, vaccine lifesaving 5 per minute globally. Many more people could be saved if the immunization a priority?
Dr. Francisco Moraga pediatrician

master in Pediatric Clinical nutrition and associate professor of Pediatrics, University of Chile
Deputy Chief of service and coordination of specialty was Pediatric Hospital San Borja Arriaran]
Past President Sociedad Chilena de Pediatría

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