translated from Spanish: Antarctica: Engineer stabbed his companion by spoilearle the end of the novel

an unusual case took place at a remote base in Antarctica and although occurred last Tuesday, 9 October, newly transcended these days. It’s an aggression carried out by the engineer Sergey Savitsky in the Russian Bellingshausen base against teammate Oleg Belogusov.Savitsky, electric 54-year-old engineer, stabbed in chest 52 fellow by spoilearle the end of the novel he was reading . According to secured by local media, it was not the first time that Belogusov did this.

Sergey Savitsky, the attacker | Photo: Twitter as it transpired, the station only had a television channel and a poor Internet connection, so that reading is one of the favorite hobbies of people who work there. The victim, who works as a welder from gas and electricity equipment, should be moved to a sanatorium in Chile, but out of danger. Meanwhile, their attacker surrendered to the authorities after flying to Petersburgo on October 20. Local Justice decided his home prison until defined his sentence for the crime of attempted murder.

Oleg Belogusov, the victim | Photo: Twitter both worked for 6 months in the remote Russian base, and before local media, Savitsky repented of their reaction: «I regret that everything has turned out this way,» said.

Russian Bellingshausen base the novel stabbed scientist in Antarctica by spoilearle

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