translated from Spanish: Are looking for a teenager of 14 years for the murder of the police in Avellaneda

researchers from the crime of the police murdered yesterday in Avellaneda Buenos Aires party while doing tasks concealed in an investigation looking for suspicion of the fact to a minor of 14 years. Allegedly, the teenager integrates a band that tends to commit robberies of the type «Piranha» in the area. Less than 16 years, as much as it is apprehended, is not subject to prosecution and therefore won’t go to jail but that at most will dictate a a safety measure so that it is in a Minors Institute.» We have identified this guy, who has only 14 years, often to escape from his house and has inputs and outputs of the Commissioner. It is part of a criminal gang in the area assaulted in group with ‘Piranha’ mode «, a source told Telam policial.EL made CRIMENEl occurred around 13 o’clock yesterday, at the junction of Ricardo Gutiérrez and French streets, a few blocks from Villa Tranquila» in Avellaneda.La victim, Leonardo Sarmiento, for 40 years, was second lieutenant of the police of Buenos Aires and provided services in the departmental Directorate of investigations (DDI) Lanus. He was clothed with a partner performing way concealed in the process of a cause for sexual abuse.
At least 5 armed criminals were caught for the purpose of robbery.

The victim according to the sources, the attackers threatened them and the woman stole his intended weapon, after which Lieutenant Sarmiento was shot in the chest when he wanted to deter theft.
cash fell to the floor wounded and his partner, the official inspector Magali Delgado, who was unhurt, accompanied him in a particular car to hospital Fiorito, where he died as a result of his injuries.
the main hypothesis is that it was a robbery to volley and police spokesmen clarified that Sarmiento had not placed bullet-proof vest because just trying to go unnoticed while doing intelligence work in the area.


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