translated from Spanish: Chilean television: colluded to dismiss

Various studies have rigorously described the concentration of the Chilean television market, and have proved that it is one of the least diverse Latin American. Others how many investigations have shown the uniformity of content and segments, at the same time all channels are with similar programming and saying the same thing. The case of the news is extreme: all talking about the same thing about the same. Ideological collusion.
But until now no one had described (or expected) is collusion to reach the level of policy of dismissal of the Chilean broadcast television channels. Indeed, on the same day, the same month and at the same time, two of the main stations of the country, Megavisión and Televisión Nacional de Chile, laid off dozens of workers. Both activated in unison the same plans of dismissal, affecting equally, journalists, editors, camera operators, etc. anyone can believe that it is no mere coincidence, pure coincidence that channels dismiss so many people the same day?
We are witnessing a shock treatment that stations decided to implement together against their workers. Remember, also, that the 400 dismissals of TVN, joined this year 300 Channel 13 (and let’s not forget neither the closures of the Paula y Qué Pasa magazine). This coincidence makes shock measures something even more fulminant, as what is observed is a block of the directors of the stations against workers. It’s an extreme collusion in its amorality, but there was no hesitation to take dozens of people missing little end of the year, for Christmas, new year, holidays, etc. Because all the conditions are given for channels collude in this immoral way: a labor law unfavourable to the workers, weak unions, a friend of «adjustments» and «outsourcing» and good Government is to remember, of the privatization of TVN.
That is not all, the key is that all «professional reserve army» there out of thousands of young journalists who are at the disposal of the TV to replace as cheap labor to professional hundreds have been fired.
There are about 60 racing journalism in our country, in a context of total deregulation. Already more than five years ago were warned that there were 11 thousand journalists graduates to 1,700 jobs. To that we add the about 8 thousand which are annually in university education. I.e., we are training professionals who will have to face a reality of work highly precarized in the Chilean, even if it is TV media.
This is the «neo-liberal accounting» channels: workers paying all the costs of bad management managerial and organizational, are acting against them under the logic of the shock (as liberal as Naomi Klein teaches us), in addition – and This is new and capable a brand chilensis – colluded way; as a coordinated forces block who knows that it has thousands of replacements cheap.
That can be given the luxury of cruel words such as the, Jaime de Aguirre, executive director of TVN, pointing out that the «departure of staff will be in the least painful manner possible» ( Otro-amargo-fin-de-mes-para-los-Medios-TVN-y-mega-Hacen-Dura-reduccion-de-personal/). Because we all know that the only thing that they them hurt is to stop win even a monthly weight of their multi-million salaries.
But while not setting a block of media workers, who in coordination to defend the rights and working conditions of those who daily are split the back so others earn millions, gerencial-empresarial collusion of channels is what It will mark the rules of the game.

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