translated from Spanish: Had a restriction and it stopped a group to stick to his ex-wife, are why the perimeter not detain the kickers?

the woman was going to look for his son to school when his former partner tried to step onto the bus line 100 to hit him with a cane. A passenger recorded everything with your cell phone and went up images to social networking sites. It happened in Avellaneda and the images are very strong. The man crossed the car, lowered and hit vidro collective screaming with a cane.

She was going to look for his son to school, her ex-husband (now with a perimeter) crossed the car group and looked for it to hit. It is not by how it was clothed, nor for what they said or did, is violence #NiUnaMenos— Meli Salme (@melisalme) October 31, 2018 the witness who recorded all the time also told that, finally, was called to the police and is what lle male arrested. Women, meanwhile, had to get off the bus and go to the police station to make a new restraining order. The key question in these matters is, what exactly is a perimeter? Useful to keep away violent men from their victims and protect them? To answer them edge he spoke with Juliana, Member of the network of feminist lawyers, who desasnó us in this regard. What is a perimeter?

This restriction seeks to warn the offender and protect the victim but most of the kickers restarted despite the perimeter «the perimeter is a type of measure precautionary measures, which are autosatisfactivas, because they do not require a preprocessing for your dictation, they are ordered urgently upon receipt of a complaint that warrants them, aiming to bring an end to the imminent risk of the victim «, indicates the lawyer. When the measurement is performed, is the Commissioner notifies the offender about his existence. If
if the offender violates the injunction, as it did in this case, must tell the Commissioner with a copy of the same. If you are existing and to catch it at the moment which is infringed it, it stops him. If not, it is harder and expect the court order determined by the arrest. Do you serve? 
A report of «Monitoring of public policies and violence of gender 2018» notes that cases of gender-based violence grow in the province of Buenos Aires,: during 2016, 215.807 people were reported; IE 591 per day and during 2017, women’s police stations and the family received 79 complaints per day. That is, 670 daily complaints.  Complaints serve but the victims are many complications when making them since most of the time are wary of whom a complaint or minimizing the fact. When violence can be proven, the perimeter is essential although it is just a role and no matter the severity of the complaint, no agents or a constant monitoring of the danger to which the victim is exposed. «The perimeter serve if there is a judiciary committed to protect victims who resort to it. But the paper is just a warning, it is symbolic. You can break it but the injunction remains in place,»says Juliana. and the panic button?

The panic button is one more tool to protect the victims but their use depends on each municipality. 

Device is assigned by order of the judiciary in cases that believes is necessary and through the Division of monitoring of alarms fixed and mobile police are responsible for give the device and check its operation. In cases of gender-based violence controls are complemented by interventions of mental health professionals who report to the corresponding court the status of the victim. But even if this technology seeks to complement the protection, it does not work properly. «Province button is not of uniform application, i.e. depends on that it is articulated by the municipality through the departmental police. There are jurisdictions where there is, for example in Brandsen. Each municipality decides its implementation», denounces the lawyer. Which fails the State?
«The State should encourage effective implementation of laws that we have, both in regards to prevention as responses that pledged to give to the victims of gender-based violence,» argues feminist lawyers network member. Although violence against women continues to be a constant problem on the agenda, the economic crisis and alleged budget with half penalty, provide for that in 2019, public policies aimed at women will suffer cutbacks. Still, the best forna protect victims who denounce is to allocate budget to the legislative compliance and «empower those who will be in charge of running and ensure the proper application of the laws,» adds Juliana.

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