translated from Spanish: Mexico asks United Kingdom extradition of Karime Macías

the Government of Mexico formalized before the United Kingdom extradition request by Karime Macías, spouse of the former Governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte, for his alleged responsibility for payments by more than 100 million dollars made by the State DIF to ghost companies under its management.
This as part of a warrant of apprehension turned four months ago by a judge of Veracruz.
Responsible for the office of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), Alberto Elías Beltrán, revealed this to appear before the Justice Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, once it was questioned by Mrs Mariana Rodríguez on the progress of This procedure.
Since the end of last may, the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Justice of Veracruz reported that it had obtained warrants against Karime Macías order of a local judge, and I would ask the authorities for Federal (PGR and Foreign Ministry) that started in the United Joined the extradition process. This following confirmation that Macías was living in London with their children.
But the process was delayed due to the fact that federal authorities asked the Prosecutor’s Office of Veracruz is to define various data related to the warrant against Karime and binder of research which gave way to the same. Until the appearance of today did not know of any progress.
But according to referred by Elías Beltran at the hearing, this month the Mexican Foreign Ministry already formalized with its counterpart in the United Kingdom the referred request. The official explained that it will have to wait now for the British Government to carry out the corresponding process, and if all legal requirements are met then proceed with the issuance of the order allowing Macias-detain.
Officials with knowledge of the case confirmed to political Animal that while the Government of the Kingdom Reno does not consider that the extradition procedure is justified and turn the corresponding arrest warrant, Macias can not be stopped.
Ricardo Antonio Sanchez Reyes Retana, lawyer for Macias, said in a release that there is no evidence against his client, and that detention for purposes of extradition request has no sustenance.
«It is materially impossible that Mrs. Karime Macias Tubilla committed the wrongful act charged since I never occupy a public office, because while he was President of the Board of Trustees of the State system for the Integral Development of the family, only had one» «honorary position and was never able to give instructions to perform or not certain facts», said the lawyer.
«Of all of the above, it is concluded, if the arrest warrant is illegal clearly, its consequences – such as the application of detention for extradition purposes – also they are,» he added.
«I have the firm conviction that it is not prostituirá justice in order to fulfill a political fever.» 
The General Prosecutor’s Office of Veracruz said that during the coming months the owner, Jorge Winkler Ortiz, will give follow-up to the process of extradition of Karime Macías, «to ensure that she faces the action of Justice for their likely participation in the breach financial state».
In a statement, the Prosecutor’s Office welcomed that the PGR has submitted the request to United Kingdom, giving «fulfilling the order of seizure obtained against her for the crime of specific fraud committed in tort of the heritage of the Government of the State of» Veracruz».
It should be recalled that the Veracruz Prosecutor accuses Karime Macías that, under his administration, the State DIF signed contracts with ghost companies amounting to 112 million pesos.
These contracts were originally revealed by Animal politician and Mexican corruption and impunity in the story «The ghost companies of Veracruz» published in 2016. Later, this same medium revealed last May that DIF from Veracruz to companies facade payments exceed 400 million pesos.
The PGR has opened an investigation against Karime Macías for alleged tax offences, but it not has resulted yet in any appropriation or arrest warrant.

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