translated from Spanish: Mothers of disappeared migrants accuse flaws in research

the members of the caravan of mothers of disappeared migrants noted before the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) failures and errors that have had investigations for give the whereabouts of their loved ones.
In a meeting with members of the PGR, of the National Search Commission, as well as the human rights (CNDH) and the Executive Committee’s attention to victim (CEAV), the arrival of the caravan to the city of Mexico, the women pointed out that person phone numbers ales that provide for investigations are used to extort them, folders have pictures of other people, among other irregularities.

“within organizations there are corruption (…) call us to the numbers that we left and extort us, tell us of our searches, the data that we leave”, said Maria Elena Larios of El Salvador.

meeting had intended that women exposed the problems that have been found in Mexican search mechanisms, while the present authorities would have to make proposals about how to correct problems exposed by the women.

“Always said that he was in a meeting, he was always busy”, outlined one of the members of the caravan on the agent of the public prosecutor which takes its case.

according to Javier Pérez Durón, owner of the migrant unit of the PGR, there are 250 complaints related to migrants, of which 60% is for disappearance.
He said that the number could be higher and be based in some other offices the same PGR, i.e. not be concentrated to your attention.
He said they have registered more mistakes as the women of El Salvador that exposed wrong on your record, although photography’s admitted that there are multiple failures in the search for missing migrants.

among them, explained that the reception of complaints and the delivery of information on its progress is done through the mechanism of external support that depends on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

this mechanism operates in the embassies and consulates of various countries, including those belonging to Central America and Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. However, he justified, on many occasions information takes long time to flow through it which investigations begin to be held late.

“the problem that we see is that when disappears a person must do so immediately, we can not be waiting to the actual mechanism to operate or the unit itself to go to raise the complaint, can do so through email”, He said.
One of the main complaints of the members of the caravan of migrant mothers was not even there is communication on the progress of the investigations by the disappearance of their relatives, therefore argued that the required steps are not made .
Rubén Figueroa, Member of the Mesoamerican migrants movement which is one of the organizers of the caravan, said carrying 301 people located over the 14 years that have made the project, among which some have been able to reunite them with relatives and others to re-establish contact, so he said that they are doing the work of the authorities.

“we are tired of the same (…) It is as a joke for us, an offence (…) required to do their work because they have the obligation to look to our family”, said María Elena Larios.
ignore rulers caravan
prior to his arrival in the city of Mexico, the members of the caravan were ignored by elected Governments in Veracruz and Tabasco, who rejected the meeting request where you attempted to seek to raise needs in immigration matters.
Ana Enamorado, Member of the Mesoamerican migrant movement, said they sent letters to various federal entities related to immigration issues as the NHRC, the National Institute of migration (INM), the Executive Committee of care to victims, among others, but so far they have had no response.
In addition, explained that during his tenure in Veracruz caravan sought to meet with the Governor-elect, Cuitláhuac García Jiménez, however never got response to your request.
“The elected Governor but he never responded, we were waiting for answer and there was nothing, then obviously that families, mothers want to meet with the authorities as they bring demands, each year come the country, is once a year, so they want” “knowing what happened or that is going to happen”, said.
They also sought to elect Executive of Tabasco, Adán Augusto López, who responded but that not would be in the State during the step of seeking women although not sent any representative or future Member of his team to arrange the meeting.

“they want to know what we all want, know what has happened with our children, seeking them, tell us the truth and we want justice,” said the Member of the Mesoamerican migrants movement.

explained that among the sites where they had special interest in having a meeting with members of the elected Government was Veracruz, given that this is an area difficult for migrants to be a necessary step, but also a site where there are continuously crimes against her.

“the State of Veracruz is one of the most violent States in the country and is a step of the migrants and disappear many” said.

just before reaching the State of Veracruz, the Mesoamerican migrants movement that organized the caravan of mothers, registered letter to Governor-elect indicating that this October 28 would be in the State and requested one in social networks audience. There was no response.
“The idea of coming to this country is report, search for us as a family, make visible what is happening and if they do not we will also report to them by irresponsible because they do not want to answer the call of families”, said love.

the caravan of mothers of disappeared migrants is composed of about 30 women from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, who roam the country conducting the search for their loved ones, but also try to influence public policy that help them find the missing migrants and to improve the living situation those who cross the country.
During his tenure in Mexico this year, they have only met with some directors of area of the municipality of Tapachula, where they pledged to train its police officers in human rights.
In addition, they have done several events where publicly requested the intervention of the Organization of the United Nations and international organizations in the current immigration situation, the crisis that has been presented by the exodus from different countries Central Americans seeking to reach Mexico.

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