translated from Spanish: Pan proposed minimum wage of $6 k per month

MEXICO city.-the Pan Senator by Nuevo León, Víctor Fuentes, today introduced a reform initiative to the Federal labor law, to increase the minimum wage to more than 6 thousand pesos a month.

to submit the proposal, on behalf of their caucus, sources said that she seeks to dignify the salaries of Mexican families so that they can meet their needs basic needs.

it’s support to those who have less, those who earn less; reduce the gap of inequality, remove them from the rich and give to the poor, he said.

is give them dignity, not to give them handouts or subsidies clientele through, but through what can give them full freedom in its economy, which is to give through a substantial increase in their salary. 

Approved the initiative, the value of the current monthly minimum wage must exceed the last monthly value of the welfare line urban income per person multiplied by two, which exceeds the 6 thousand pesos.
Photo: The DEBATE be approved this initiative, the value of the current monthly minimum wage must be greater than the last monthly value of the line of welfare income urban per person and this figure be multiplied by two, which currently gives a total of 6 thousand 002.3 4 pesos.

initiative, customs fees, proposes that there is a plan of gradual increase of the minimum wage within a maximum period of six years, which shall be created by the National Commission of the minimum wage.

and poses for NAIM private investment

to fight because the resources invested in the construction of the new international airport of Mexico (NAIM) are not unused, Pan Senator Víctor Fuentes stated that the work will continue with private resources.

before the cancellation of the work in Texcoco, arising from the recent consultation, the legislator by Nuevo Leon said that in this way he would not be at risk project or public resources in the investment already made would be lost.

«Photo: illustrative/Pixabay I’m not maybe, saying that it is, there is a group of Mexican, foreign investors that are intended to continue the work», explained during the discussion of the issue in the Senate, «and thus already a single public weight does not go in front and they are those put at risk your money and your investment. 

This measure, said sources, would be independent of seeking corruption on the project, which already recorded one increased 30 per cent advance.

the Senator Pan spoke out because public resources there invested are not wasted, since joined to this expenditure by cancellation they could triple, and called to search in conjunction with other sensible alternative forces.

sources called likewise to carried out another query, but at airports, so that users who are contributing through the rate of airport use (TUA) are spoken in this regard. In this note:

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