translated from Spanish: Report details sexual abuse in North Korea are somewhat ‘daily’

Human Right report s Watch (HRW) was made public on Thursday (1.11.2018) in Seoul.
Women, says the study, are exposed and helpless to sexual violence by officials of the Communist Party, the only one in the country, as well as State employees.
The human rights organization accuses the dome led by Kim Jong – an of doing nothing against the abuse of women, widely spread in the country. Also cover women mouth, it said in the report.
«Sexual contact volunteer and violence are not so normal in Korea of the North that are accepted as part of the day to day», says the statement from Human Rights Watch, which is based on interviews with refugees from the country to the preparation of the study isolated internationally.
The North Korean said that a woman has no choice but to comply with the requirements of an official who has the power when «find it». It doesn’t matter if it’s a requirement of «sex, money or another please». Designated offenders include prominent party commanders, prison officers, police officers, prosecutors and soldiers.
«The North Korean probably also would say ‘Me Too'», if they knew that they will have justice, said the executive director of the orgnaizacion, Kenneth Roth, in reference to the movement in the social networks of complaints of abuse Imetoo.
Human Rights Watch urged the Pyongyang Government to recognize the problem with sexual violence and ensure that the authorities treat it as a crime. As indicated by HRW, the Organization consulted with 54 women to make the report as well as eight former officials, who left the country after the arrival to power of Kim Jong – un 2011.

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