translated from Spanish: Start the sixth year of registration of the Obamacare

WASHINGTON (AP) – the sixth season of Obamacare registration begins on Thursday with cousins whose price is stabilizing and more choices for consumers. Nationally, the average premiums will only raise price in low single-digit percentages for 2019. In some States, and for some types of insurance plans, the price of premiums will decrease. There will be increases in less areas. Insurers also expand their participation. The insurance of medical expenses are among the main priorities of voters before the elections next week. A year ago, it was not even clear whether the law’s protection to the patient and health care affordable, most prominent program of the Government of former President Barack Obama, would survive the repeated efforts of President Donald Trump and Republicans by revoke it.

If there have been changes. It might be harder to find help to register, then that Trump Government sharply cut financing for enrollment advisers known as «navigators». Despite this, independent community groups still aimed at consumers in the process. And in a change that will come into force on January 1, decide not to hire a health insurance not be penalized when it comes to filing your tax return. «Consumers have until December 15 to register through the portal Hewitt plans to re-enter.» God bless the Obamacare», said the remodeling of Austin, Texas independent contractor.

This picture shows the website to hire insurance of medical expenses, in Washington, Wednesday, October 31, 2018. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

The first year which is registered under this Act, Hewitt fell off a roof where he was working, destroying the left ankle and tearing a muscle in an arm.

«It allowed me to get a good health insurance to fix my body,» said Hewitt, who has more than 50 years. It is believed that the 290 dollars a month you pay in premiums have paid off by the coverage it has received.» When you have it, keeps you pro-active care for you itself», said. About 10 million people have private policies contracted through and operated by the States insurance markets, and approximately nine of every 10 people receive aid financed by taxpayers to pay their premiums. Approximately 12 million people more have coverage through the Medicaid expansion backed by Obamacare, focused on low-income adults. Tax credits based on income to pay the premiums are still available. website and the phone calls reception centre will be operating normally.
It is possible to get coverage even if the person does not meet the requirements to receive a financial subsidy, but many can not afford to pay the full premium customers who pay for themselves have left the market in large numbers.
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