translated from Spanish: The decadent beat tour: “carry the MTV Unplugged as a great showcase for the world, and with great joy”

in may recorded its unplugged material, was thrown on October 10 and is now preparing to start its world tour: the authentic Decadent they really are celebrating and FILO tells you from the inside.” We are very pleased with the new tour and the new format that we will show in a different way”, said Gaston”The French”Bernardo to this medium, founder and drummer of the band Ramos Mejía.

MTV Unplugged, which decided to title “National Fiesta” was recorded at the sands Studios of Buenos Aires and reviewed all the successes of his career with an ensemble consisting of his usual musicians more pump time and Afrosound Choir, as well as artists of luxury as invited for specific songs.” We live this moment of the race enjoying: with the MTV Unplugged as a kind of Grand Prize and a great showcase for the world, with a joy and a huge confidence of what will be this album that everyone liked it and we have the best recommendations about it”, added the radio host also.

“The French”, a founding member of the decadent, spoke sharp | Photo: Instagram @gastonbernardou this brand new album already has more than 16 million streams on Spotify; same company this week launched a communication campaign in the streets of Buenos Aires to support national talent and using the authentic decadent as main figure.

Train of the Mitre line plotting with the image of the authentic decadent | Photo: Courtesy press tour begins Friday November 30 at Teatro Coliseo Podestá in La Plata and will continue in February at the Cosquin Rock in Cordoba “in a special tent” to present the Unplugged. “That same month will also visit Chile and continue to by Mexico: on 28 February, 1 and 4 March at the National Auditorium of CDMX, 8 and 9 March in Monterrey M Pavilion and 13,14 and 15 in Teatro Diana Guadalajara.” For 2019 and 2020 we will be visiting Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, we are going to return, very happy new tour all around the Unplugged and that it will be only in theaters”, added”The French”.

Another screenshot of the campaign “Decay” of Spotify in Buenos Aires | Photo: Courtesy press consulted on what is a “national holiday” to the decadent, the musician replied: “we are the party of latinos. From Argentina to Mexico is all a great country for us, we don’t say ‘national’ in the sense of Argentinians that we are, we see it as a celebration of all Latin America, of which we are part. We’re at parties, on the birthday of 15, at weddings, at festivals. It always sounds a theme of the decadent in any country and that is a national holiday for us.”

The authentic decadent MTV Unplugged tour dates

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