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the times of campaign, dimes and bickering and the euphoria after the victory were already left behind for those who were winners in the last election and that yielded yesterday protest as mayors in the 18 municipalities of Sinaloa.Ya sent ADOs in the Mayor’s Chair, touches les to demonstrate to those who relied on them and gave them the vote were not mistaken, that they were the best option, and that alone is accomplished with results and fulfilling the promises made in the stage proselytizing. Some, very few, they return to the office that is absent to leave in search of suffrage that ensure them re-election. Few did, and this is irrefutable proof that you were doing things right. Others, the majority, occupy a position of such importance for the first time, and many have against her inexperience in work as public servants. No one is born knowing, reads a statement, and on the fly will have to learn. But similarly, those such as these have to conform to a premise, which is that the work for the sake of those who today are their constituencies and that they expect to see reflected in your city, trustee, Cologne or street improvements promised, the announced change. The society does not expect miracles or wake up on Thursday found the great works already accomplished. Know that everything takes time, but if want to see that from day one their new authorities are put to work.

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