translated from Spanish: Case Guzman: France confirms political asylum to Palma Salamanca

During the afternoon of Friday, France, through its Office of protection for refugees and stateless persons, decided to grant political asylum to the former member of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front, Ricardo Palma Salamanca.
The former front, condemned for the murder of Senator Jaime Guzmán in 1991, was the Chilean justice fugitive since 1996 but was arrested in February by Interpol, as he walked through the streets of Paris.
“Today the family of Ricardo Palma Salamanca has been notified of the asylum. He and his family,”confirmed Christian Rodríguez, responsible for international relations of the French left movement La France Insoumise, La Tercera newspaper.
“This is very good news for everyone, especially his family and Ricardo. And I think that it is also a triumph in the sense that France is still a land of asylum, and that’s what thousands of organizations and individuals requested both in Chile and in France,”added.
In fact, in July, a text entitled “France must protect Ricardo Palma Salamanca and Silvia Brzovic” was published and signed by a group of French intellectuals.
Meanwhile, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also they corroborated information, although the granting of this political asylum would not suspend judgment on extradition that was requested by the Chilean Government, as reported by T13.

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