translated from Spanish: Chadwick: «refuge to Palma contravenes the Geneva Convention»

the Minister of the Interior, Andrés Chadwick Piñera, announced this Friday requested the French Government to revoke the political asylum granted to the former front Ricardo Palm to Salamanca. Chadwick said that «the Government of Chile does not share the decision taken on the day of today by the Office of shelters French, in terms of granting political asylum to Ricardo Palma Salamanca, who was convicted by the Chilean courts as the perpetrator of the crime from a» Senator of the Republic, and other terrorist crimes. The Chief of staff also explained that the Foreign Ministry will be mentioned, in the coming days, the Ambassador of France in Chile for senarle «disagreement total of the Government with this decision and at the same time, request from the Government of France, especially the Ministry of the» Inside, that exercising their powers, to revoke this decision.» This, said the Minister, «in order that the French courts who determine whether you are or not the extradition requested to Ricardo Palma Salamanca – which is already transacted in such courts-«. The Interior Minister also stressed that the asylum granted by the French Office of protection for refugees and stateless persons (Ofpra) «contravenes the rules of the Geneva Convention on asylum and protection, he said, that both the crime and the sentence by» the murder of Jaime Guzmán and the fulfillment of the sentence, was granted under a democratic State and law in Chile». Judge Mario Carroza, meanwhile, declined to comment on the French decision, pointing out that it does not comment on neither administrative nor judicial decisions from other countries. From the Supreme Court, meanwhile, they pointed to the autonomy of France to express acceptance of the given resolution unveiled Friday. «We have today informed the decision of the French Government. Although that was the own Supreme Court of Chile who felt the need of having the condemned here in our country in February this year, we understand and accept the autonomy and independence of the State of France for this decision», said the Deputy spokesman of the maximum Court, Guillermo Silva.

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