translated from Spanish: Expected Aureoles rabbit risk Government of AMLO will be based on “occurrences”

Morelia, Michoacan.-Silvano Aureoles rabbit Governor provides for its comeback to the media, after an operation on the column, the future of Mexico after the new President takes office Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s Government is based on occurrences, as so called the cancellation of the new international airport in Texcoco.
Therefore, he questioned the banner of austerity that AMLO and his party have led during the campaign after the win in votes and elections.
“This decision means losing 120 billion pesos. Each Government puts its seal but the cancellation of the airport is not congruent with the austerity.”
He mentioned that the country is now among international markets little serious, since it said “agencies and international banks that are the pillars economic world we have under observation”.
About their health and their return to the Executive work the State Governor asked was not compared him with former Governor Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, who had to leave his post by a disease.
“Mine is a bone which was necessary to accommodate it and you are ready, I’m not sick. I am all give”.

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