translated from Spanish: Game Over: the real “Super Mario” dies at age 84

Super Mario, the truth died.
Mario Segale, the man by which was named the hero of the popular video game, Super Mario, died at age 84.
Segale was a successful real estate developer italiano-estadounidense of Washington, United States.
In the Decade of 1980, he rented one of their warehouses to the Nintendo of America company, which decided to put the name of the star of its new video game.
In 1993 Segale spoke with the journal The Seattle Time sin which it is believed was his only public reference to his relationship with the iconic video game.
At that time Super Mario had just sold 100 million copies, making Nintendo one of the companies most profitable video games in the world.
Segale said the journalist with a joke: “I’m still waiting my royalty checks”.
Millionaire game Super Mario was originally called Jumpman until Nintendo decided that he wanted to give the character a proper name.
Segale said it was Minoru Arakawa, to whom was entrusted the task to install Nintendo of America, who told him that the hero of the game bore his name.
Super Mario is considered one of the most profitable games in history. But despite the fame of the animated character, the obituary of Segale stressed that the man always evaded the notoriety and “wanted to be known for what they achieved in his life”.
“Innovations that brought to the construction industry which are still today testify their extraordinary creativity”, says the obituary.
Segal leaves behind his spouse Donna, four children and nine grandchildren.
The Mario series is often cited as the most successful video game franchise of all time.
The latest adventure of plumber, Super Mario Odyssey, is currently the top-selling game in the new console Nintendo Switch and has sold more than 12 million copies.

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