translated from Spanish: Marcelo Díaz: the new crack of whales and penguins

Marcelo Díaz, the Chilean steering wheel international who is now hailed in Racing of Argentina was surprised by appearing in a video in which supports the Greenpeace campaign that seeks the creation of a huge Antarctic Sanctuary which aims to protect whales and penguins faced with the advance of the fishing industry.
In the middle of a season that has him as one of the best players in Argentine football, the midfielder who carries the 21 on the back of Racing – the historical club of Avellaneda where once was the legendary goalkeeper Sergio Livingstone – captain, Diaz has joined a global campaign that has more than two million adherents who support the idea of creating the largest marine sanctuary on the planet, which would have an area of little more than twice the continental Chile and that it seeks to protect the local fauna.
“In the last few minutes there to leave everything on the Court. Put on the shirt and go to to sign and protect these animals from the advance of the fishing industry”, said Marcelo Díaz in the video that has been released just when Australia discusses the creation of what would be the largest marine protected area in the planet.
“It is a pride and a luxury that a player with the experience and successful present of Marcelo Díaz is involved in a campaign of environmental protection in this case seeking the care of Antarctica. It is a demonstration of its commitment beyond a soccer field. “I hope his example to be imitated by other high level athletes that can engage with different causes”, says Matías Asún, national director of Greenpeace in Chile.
The Chilean footballer thus joins other great international figures who have supported the campaign, as the actors Javier Bardem (Spanish winner of the Oscar), Gillian Anderson (files secret X) and David Harbour (Stranger Things).

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