translated from Spanish: Raised debate by Monterrey in December

Monterrey.-the Commission state election submit tomorrow to vote the electoral calendar for the extraordinary election of Mayor for the municipality of Monterrey, which proposes among other things that the uni co debate between the candidates is carried out between 1 and 8 December. The draft calendar, which has copy the North, proposed, for example, that funding for expenses of campaign of entities and candidates, the limits of private contributions and campaign spending caps are defined on 7 November. And that this funding is delivered between 7 and 27 November to parties and independent candidates.

Another of the proposals is that the veda election is between 13 and 16 December. Many dates to be considered tomorrow in meeting, scheduled at 14:00 hours, will depend on the processes and terms that define the Electoral Institute.

some of the dates that will be adopted tomorrow by the EEC in meeting scheduled at 14:00 son:lugar to install propaganda from 1 to 15 of noviembrePeriodo to make, publish or broadcast surveys or polls from 1 to 12 of Noviembresesion of the Municipal Commission for start of electoral session 5 of noviembreDefinir funding for institutions and candidate campaign expenses, limit stops and private contributions by campaign spending 7 of noviembreFecha to order the printing of ballots from 10 to 15 noviembrePeriodo of delivery for financing of campaign spending of 7 27 noviembreFecha limit to publish in official newspaper list of monthly 16 November 28 to 12 of diciembreFecha for realization of the debate of 1 to 8 of Dec iembre from 13 to 16 of Diciembreeleccion Mayor of Monterrey 16 diciembreFecha to deliver challenges from 17 to 19 of total computation of election 19 Diciembresesion of diciembreEn this note:

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