translated from Spanish: The body of Khashoggi was cut to «dissolve it in acid»

a Turkish leader said Friday that the body of Jamal Khashoggi was dismembered to dissolve it, while engaged to the Saudi journalist killed a month ago in the Consulate of your p AIS urged the international community to judge the guilty.» We have seen now that you yourselves not to dismember it, but they unloaded her body dissolving it», told the daily Hürriyet Yasin Aktay, Counselor of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on the murder of Khashoggi in the Consulate of your country in Istanbul.
«According to the latest information available to us, the reason why he dismembered her body was to dissolve it more easily,» he added.

«The remains of Khashoggi must be found and returned to his family so they can bury it as soon as it deserves,» said the spokesman of the US Department of State, Robert Palladino, during a Thursday at a Washington press conference.

A man placed posters with the image of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi during a demonstration at the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, on October 25 in the Turkish city. Photo: AFP journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who collaborated with the daily estadounidente The Washington Post, was killed on October 2 at the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, where moved to obtain your certificate of bachelorhood. A month after his death, the body of the Saudi journalist, or what remains of it, whereabouts remain unknown, despite the efforts of the Turkish authorities.

«Real action» the Istanbul Prosecutor’s office stated that «the victim was dismembered» and that «will they unloaded body», in a statement issued on Wednesday that did not give more information. A Turkish leader explained to the Washington Post newspaper that authorities considered the hypothesis that body was dissolved with acid at the Consulate or at the residence of the consul. After having declared initially that Khashoggi left the Consulate shortly after having entered, after that he died during a fight, Riad ended by acknowledging that it was «an unauthorized operation» by the saudi regime.

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Photo: AFP Hatice Cengiz, the Turkish Khashoggi promised, «I ask the international community to take real, serious and concrete steps to uncover the truth and bring those responsible to justice,» wrote in an opinion piece published in several newspapers foreigners. Although several leaders and Turkish media incriminate to the Saudi Prince Mohamed bin Salman, Riad strives to stand out from the crime and argues that it was a «non-authorised» operation. Controversial role of States UnidosCengiz United States, where exiled himself Khashoggi in 2017, asked that «lead the effort» that those responsible for the murder to be judged.
«Facing this tragedy, Trump management adopted a position without a moral foundation,» he criticized.

Washington increased its pressure towards Riad so clarify this case, but without pointing directly to Mohamed bin Salman, because that does not want to jeopardize its close alliance with the Saudi monarchy.

Picture: AP the stages of the case KhashoggiEl US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, considered on Thursday that will be needed «several weeks» before the United States has enough evidence to impose sanctions on the people involved in this murder. The latest grim revelations about what happened with the Saudi journalist body coincide with the «international day to put an end to the impunity of crimes against journalists», proclaimed by UNESCO. From 2016, this UN agency condemned the killings of 1,010 journalists and employees of media. But 9 out of 10 cases were not tried, according to a report released Thursday.
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