translated from Spanish: Truckers updated the joint and reached 40%, how are the other guilds?

the Union led by Hugo and Pablo Moyano closed yesterday with cameras entrepreneurs a wage increase of 40% and was closely tying the increase with inflation scheduled for this year. Compared to most of the guilds, the truckers represents an important conquest for workers. Last week, cabin staff also managed a recomposition wage 40.5% in line with inflation in 2018, while oil rose 45%, Smata 40 and sugar reached an increase of 42.6%. 
At beginning of year and when inflationary expectations were much more optimistic, the Government had set a ceiling of 15% to the joint, which negotiated most of the guilds. As a few months after the devaluation changed all Nicolás Dujovne plans and company went overboard, the guilds began to fight for a recomposition.  While truckers and company enjoy, many try to achieve something similar: power, in charge of Rodolfo Daer; the Union of Metalworkers of Antonio Caló; UPCN, with Andrés Rodríguez at the head, could open its peer after receiving two sums not income-generating a total of $6000 by the end of August.  
Maritime workers (SOMU) of Raul Durdos were mobilized to Buquebus headquarters to demand a wage increase, while teachers, perhaps the most recognized by his fight with the Governor María Eugenia Vidal still not could fix your joint. On the other hand, Utedyc – whose claim questioned the Superclásico of last September-, employees of the meat, health and fruit bowls had arranged months ago their recompositions, and that employees of trade, but what did it in 25%. 

CGT joint truckers

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