translated from Spanish: Chancellor Ampuero quoted French Ambassador for political asylum to Palma Salamanca

The Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Ampuero, will meet next Monday with the Ambassador of France in the South American country to express their annoyance for the granting of political asylum to the Chilean exguerrillero Ricardo Palma Salamanca, said official sources told Efe.
Ampuero quoted Ambassador Roland Dubertrand to the headquarters of the Foreign Ministry to convey the disagreement of the Chilean Government with the decision taken Friday by the Office for the protection of refugees (OFPRA) of France.
That agency was awarded to Palma Salamanca, in Chile sentenced to life for terrorism and fugitive refugee status since 1996.
Palma Salamanca, kids of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPMR), was convicted in Chile as an author, in 1991, of the murder of right-wing Sen. Jaime Guzmán, founder of the right-wing party independent Democrat Union (UDI), and the abduction of Cristián Edwards, son of the owner of the newspaper El Mercurio.
The Chilean Government to the French authorities requested the extradition of the exguerrillero, although the process was postponed by the Court of appeal of Paris, among other reasons, to wait for the outcome of the demand for asylum, his defense presented.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Chilean this Friday night released a statement which said that the Government “regrets strongly” the decision of the OFPRA and stressed that the country has the necessary guarantees Palma Salamanca fulfilled his sentence “with strict compliance with the rights and obligations imposed by national and international law”.
“The judicial process as a result of the murder of Senator Jaime Guzmán, sentence and enforcement, were developed in our country in full and total force of a democratic State and law”, the Foreign Ministry said.
The granting of political asylum has been criticized harshly by the leaders of the UDI, which is part of the ruling Alliance.
Deputy Juan Antonio Coloma today urged the Government of Sebastian Pinera to appoint “urgently” an Ambassador in Paris, diplomatic post that has been vacant for some months.
“It is urgent to appoint an Ambassador of Chile in France, (to) be able to resume all diplomatic relations; It is urgent to make efforts at the highest level”, the parliamentary conservative told Radio Cooperativa.

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