translated from Spanish: Historical fact: young transgender may pay with their company name the next PSU

Encouraging news received the young transgender have to Dela PSU this 26 and November 27, since the Department’s evaluation, measurement and educational record (Demre) of the University of Chile allowed that rind an PSU with your company name for the first time.
In a joint effort of the Demre with the same Foundation, dating from March, was this option for young people whose gender identity does not match the information in your identity card.
The Director of education, Isabel Amor, said that being called by the name registration in a State of nervousness as the PSU “generates an obvious stress and tension in the room that is unnecessary”, as detailed in an interview with the daily El Mercurio.
“Immediately establishes a difference in opportunities between those who have social and registry name accordingly and who do not have it,” he added.
According to detailed information, about 73 students able to sign tests with your company name. However, their scores and applications to higher education institutions will appear on the Demre under the name registration, in the absence of a legal backing.
The latter expected to be fixed for future versions of the PSU: “it is further proof that need more than wills, legal structures that allow us to make the appropriate as soon as amendments,” said love.

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