translated from Spanish: River vs Boca: Patricia Bullrich retorted and called for a «European final»

«we ask the Presidents of the clubs (Daniel Angelici and Rodolfo D´Onofrio), Conmebol and the Argentine people that we are able to take charge of the operation and that the» rgentina has a party as it would have a final of Europe», said Patricia Bullrich, after the advance of Government so that no visiting fans in both stadiums.

The final of the Copa Libertadores divided Argentines as the thoughts of enabling the presence of the two swollen and from the national Government they seek to make it possible, in conjunction with the city of Buenos Aires, but the great refusal starts from the clubs protagonists.» Conceptually, with everything that is making the Argentina, it has be able to show this image of normalcy. It will not be a normal day, you are going to see the whole world, with two major teams,»said the Minister during an interview with Radio Mitre, which pointed to leaders of Boca and River.

Patricia Bullrich criticized the Presidents of River and Boca. Photo: NA «I say to the President of the clubs that the State is able to ensure the security. I’d like to ask them why, because it is a party that is going to be seen in the whole world, it is a chance to show to the Argentina on all sides and are capable of changing the culture of the barrabrava», he said. SoBe the decision which seems taken by Angelici and D’Onofrio said: «No I would. Perhaps they reflect and work this weekend in a different way.» The leaders have already expressed their surprise on this measure and its look and everything indicates that there will be no visitors.

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