translated from Spanish: The sixth report of Peña Nieto videos cost 15.8 mdp

spots and videos that Enrique Peña Nieto accompanied the presentation of its sixth and latest report of Government as President cost 15.8 billion pesos, according to official information delivered via transparency.
This amount would reach to produce two original movies listed as low-budget – according to the classification that gives them the Instituto Mexicano of cinematography-.
Two million pesos more than what was spent were last year to the fifth report and nearly quadruple that in 2016 for the quarter.
Sixth report: it went up violence despite historical spending the Monday, September 3, 2018, two days after the new legislature is inaugurated with a majority of Morena criticizing the outgoing administration, Peña Nieto was an act in National Palace to list the advances of his Government in a message that lasted little more than an hour and a half.
When he took a quarter of an hour talking, he paused and on two giant screens appeared a video that lasted nine minutes on the first axis of the report, “Mexico in peace”, with images of people smiling, the Pact by Mexico signed at the beginning of the Presidency of the Congress Police officers and soldiers, and others. All images file.
Interruption of speech to show these capsules in video was repeated four times with the rest of themes: inclusive Mexico, with quality education, prosperous Mexico, and entertainer with Global responsibility. So in the end, the President spoke only for an hour and videos occupied 40 minutes in total.
Peña assumed that it leaves political, social and economic stability but recognizes that failed peace Animal politician made a request for information to know the cost of these videos, what acquisitions Deputy General direction, stores and inventory of the Secretaría de Gobernación (Segob) responded by introducing a bill by “service of production of the campaign called: ‘6th report of Government'”, which includes concepts seven “graphics” and four “capsules Government report”, in addition to “spot report of” Government, video event report video event report digital”.
The price for all this, included as a single service, was 13 million 614 thousand 508 pesos, plus VAT, gives a total of 15 million 792 thousand 830 pesos, PEMEX paid studies Churubusco Azteca S.A. invoice of the sixth report of Gobierno.La invoice indicates that the adju direct dicacion was made on 24 August and the service was carried out between 25 August and through September 6, 2018; i.e. 13 days in which he paid an average of a million pesos per day Excl..
The production of this campaign enters a “collaboration agreement” that the office of Presidency signed with Churubusco studies each year, to provide “services of production and post-production of campaigns for radio, television, capsules with format of” film or digital video”. The contract valid for 2018 notes that it is an open agreement by a minimum amount is 20 million pesos with VAT and maximum of 31.67 million.
The price of producing the spots and videos to promote Government’s reports has varied and there is a report established in this regard, so you can only learn through requests for information. In 2017, according to a document made public in the national platform of transparency, the audiovisual production spend was 13.8 million; in 2016, 4.1; prior to that, there are only another document from 2013 on the first report, to which presidency committed 11.3 million pesos.

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