translated from Spanish: They monitor Terminal Pesquero de Santiago by warning of red tide

this morning, the health authority reached the main place of distribution and sale of products of the sea in the Metropolitan Region, to oversee the place as reg Istra 75% of all maritime production in the country, which is marketed in this enclosure. The recent alert ordered in the Atacama Region, commune of boiler, has led to the metropolitan health authority to step up the monitoring that takes place throughout the year in Terminal fisheries. “We are monitoring that you compliance with the health rules and the alert decreed, by checking the traceability of the products of the sea, its origin, conditions of refrigeration or cold chain, hygiene and handling in order to protect the population and avoid pictures of poisoning from the consumption of seafood contaminated by red tide,”said the seremi of health RM. Also, Rosa Oyarce, said that “the alert measure was adopted then that the Institute of public health, ISP, reported the finding in the presence of the toxin from red tide in bivalve type products, i.e. those seafood containing 2 shells as” mussels, mussels, clams, razor clams and oysters, among others and that is why the alert was issued to protect the health of the population”and added that”this measure is strictly prohibited the extraction and marketing of bivalve shellfish from that area”. Other products of the sea bivalve, not coming from that region of the country, such as fish, are exempt from any problems caused by the red tide. The call made by the health authority to the population is “not eating bivalve, from type seafood of the area affected by the toxin nor those of dubious origin”. Emphasis on responsibility that has the consumer buy in established places. Oyarce was also emphatic in highlighting that “contaminated seafood cooking does not eliminate the toxin”. The health risks are quite severe, symptoms may occur such as: vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, cramping abdominal. These symptoms occur within the first 4 hours of having eaten raw or cooked seafood coming from the affected areas. The clinical picture can last between 3 to 5 days and the greatest risk is for people with underlying chronic pathologies, older adults and children. Consuming seafood with red tide, can be deadly and end up in minutes with a person’s life. Against the aforementioned symptoms, persons must immediately apply to a medical centre and mention the consumption of seafood, had it been.

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