translated from Spanish: 5 things that everyone will be talking about this Monday

The campaign for the legislation in the United States comes to an end (pictured), China stands firm in the trade war and they are effective sanctions against Iran. Below are some of the things in that the markets are going to be talking about today.
Legislative in the closure of most expensive election campaign in history by legislative elections in the United States, both parties prepared for the possibility of ending a Congress divided on which Democrats will raise with the camera control of Representatives and the Republicans hold the Senate. A large increase in participation is registering. Both parties claim that they will benefit with it, as long as voters seem to be more motivated than usual. Demographic changes in the U.S. could also influence the outcome. President Donald Trump will continue campaigning until tonight.
Not one step behind Chinese President, Xi Jinping, did not give signs of making concessions to the USA in a highly anticipated speech in Shanghai trade fair. Although Xi denounced with force what they described as business practices «of the law of the jungle» in an attack little disguised to «United States first» policies enacted by Trump, did not announce any new important initiative policy public. The optimism is blurring as soon as that will surpass trade war after the positive comments made by Trump as now interpreted that the rhetoric of the President is a «pose» for the legislative.
The return of the sanctions the economic measures of the USA against Iran, who had set up in the framework of the nuclear deal from 2015, returned to rule at midnight, while the White House redoubles pressure on the Islamic Republic for what it describes as the «malignant» behavior of the country in the region. The Secretary of State of USA, Michael Pompeo, is scheduled to identify eight countries who was granted a temporary waiver that will allow them to continue importing Iranian crude oil this morning. Operators have minimized to a large extent the impact of the sanctions, a clairvoyant bet. The barrel of West Texas Intermediate for delivery in December was priced at US$ 62,88 at 5:40, New York time, and increased losses incurred last week.
Disparate markets last night, the MSCI Asia Pacific index fell 1.2 percent and the Japan Topix index fell 1.1 percent as hopes of that trade war is resolved fade. In Europe, the Stoxx 600 index grew 0.1 percent at 5:40, and investors probably prefer to wait to have the elections in the U.S. The S & P 500 futures fell a couple of points, the performance of the bonds of the U.S. Treasury maturing in 10 years amounted to 3,203 per cent and gold did not show major changes.
At 9:45, published data from the services PMI and Markit for U.S. compound in October. At 10, leaves the index of the ISM non-manufacturing companies. In the eurozone, Finance Ministers will meet in Brussels, where will discuss the budget for Italy, a topic that is generating a major conflict by populist Government spending plans. Some of the companies that will report their earnings today are Ferrari NV and Occidental Petroleum Corp.

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