translated from Spanish: Aguad it quashed a resolution promoted during the Kirchner and met the rise of 25 military

on Friday, November 2, the Minister of defence Oscar Aguad decided to set aside a resolution of Nilda Garre signed on November 29, 2010 when the actu to the national representative served as Minister in the second mandate of Cristina Kirchner.En particular, resolution 1414 leaves without effect the 1581 which meant that 25 soldiers would not be considered for promotions relevant to the forces that were part of. The decision of Aguad generated disagreements on impractical grounds both the scope of its resolution.

Since the ruling, the argument that supports the cancellation of this resolution rests on high the promotions was due that those affected had some sort of kinship with soldiers who were repressive or occupied positions during the last dictatorship military in the Argentina.A starting from these statements was that in yesterday the former Minister Nilda Garre ruled in this regard: «the decision not to promote them was not by ‘ sons of ‘, but because they did not manifest democratic behaviors».

The truth is that layout is both concerned promotions and payment of compensation that 25 military, which corresponds to the last eight years that were in retreat. The official text prompts that «made a new computation of services to the concerned staff, recognizing them time spent in retirement as in activity, paid them the difference of assets that would have corresponded les to perceive to the dictation of the» This». The amount in question will be estimated as if the victims had been in activity, while a soldier could not be more than three years with the same rank. At the time the specific cost has not been specified.

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