translated from Spanish: Ana Tijoux will be main figure of Festival Ovalle culture

the artist Ana Tijoux will be the main fi Gura of the Ovalle culture Festival, which will be held on November 10 in the city of Coquimbo Region.
Tijoux will share stage with the folklorist Natalia Contesse and 12 bands ovallinas to give life to the second version of the festival.
In 2017, the festival brought together five thousand participants. This year again will be held in the Plaza de Armas of Ovalle, from 11:00 hours, organized by the local municipality.
The Mayor of Ovalle, Claudio Renteria, gender equality stressed that «this year we wanted to democratize the participation of musical groups at the festival, meaning that Ovalle has large number of bands with creations, so it» We carry out an open call, where we received over 20 proposals from local artists».
Fifth monkey, the condemned, Kaya & Quichra, Fausto not disco, September 21st, Parallax, Andean charm, madness aboard, Hesper, Fernanda Ravanal, Paulina Astudillo and machines of war will be 12 bands ovallinas that go up to the stage.
«We fully believe in gender equality and the work that women develop in the area of music and proof of this is that the 50 per cent that the bands that will be on the scene, during the festival, are composed of talented women, one of them» «, the first winner of the award icon of the Chilean Rock», said Renteria in allusion to Tijooux.
Different fair Saturday day will have both samples and sales of handicrafts, books, records, pictures, among other interesting products in local industries; Foodtracks and food stalls which, throughout the day, offered a wide range of products to those who give appointment on November 10 in the main Civic Center in the capital limarina.
Those who travel the place can enjoy samples of paintings, entertaining urban interventions and a varied artistic Grill.
In addition, they may also be part of workshops of yoga, dance, percussion, circus arts, among other disciplines.

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