translated from Spanish: Arbitration report revealed the insult of Esteban Paredes Piero Maza that ended with his expulsion

the ANFP freed during the afternoon of Monday arbitral reports of parties this weekend, where stood the duel between C OLO Colo and Palestinian, where albo striker Esteban Paredes ended up expelled. In its report, the judge Piero Maza explained that the attacker had received a yellow cardboard by «disapprove through gestures the arbitration decision». After this, the Member explained that subsequently decided to show him the red card for «employing coarse and offensive language» after the first strike. «Mr walls me shout loudly: ‘ what wea charged culiao», explained. Walls risks a sanction for his expulsion, which overcome the two dates, would leave him out of the rest of the National Championship and without the possibility of exceeding the record scorer this season.

«case Ameliin addition to this report was reported by referee Eduardo Gamboa, who was in charge of the match between Deportes Antofagasta and University Catolica.el judge recounted the impact of technical director starred in of the» Pumas», Gerardo Ameli, who was taken from banking to address arbitration body in rejection of their determinations. Gamboa accused the coach of committing an unsportsmanlike action not to allow the attendance of a player who was injured in the final minutes.» To ask you that you must take your player refuses flatly, I indicate my fourth referee Cristian Garay added 1 minute more to carry out the execution of the corner kick and Mr. Gerardo Ameli reacts telling me: ‘You’re a criminal, you’re a thief and the offenders’ entering the ground and facing me reiterating his sayings on several occasions, having to be controlled by one of his assistants who also reviles for intruding», said the text. Ameli, depending on the version of Gamboa, would have also treated the referees of «thieves and cagones» at the end of the meeting, while the players were heading to tunnel toward the dressing rooms.

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