translated from Spanish: El Chapo Guzmán, of the throne of the drug to the bench of Justice

New York.-the life of the King of the cartel of Sinaloa (Mexico) Joaquin Guzman Loera, alias «Chapo», which today sits on the bench in New York accused of drug trafficking, has been a mix violence, drugs and eccentric luxuries, where the myth, many times, has imposed on reality.
«From head to toe is short of stature, head to heaven I calculate you height, because it is great among the greats who have doubt», thus describes the Chapo singer Triguillo Palma, in one of the dozens of songs (narcocorridos) which is in Salza in the North of Mexico to drug trafficker.

Joaquín Guzmán Loera. Photo: AFP born on April 4, 1957 in the town of Badiraguato, Sinaloa, and nicknamed the Chapo for his short stature, the Almighty Emperor of drugs faces before a New York Court to life imprisonment accused of introducing 457 tons of narcotic drugs in the U.S., among other crimes related to their activity at the front of the poster of Sinaola.Conocido also for his eccentric life of luxury, not only reflected in songs, Guzman has been immortalized internationally in the television series produced by Netflix and Univision, which chronicles his rise and fall as dealer.
Chapo, in a controversial interview granted to American actor Sean Penn and actress Kate de el Castillo in September 2015, months before his arrest, defined as a person non-violent and happy with your life. However, the New York Prosecutor’s Office also accuses him of having relationship with more than one dozen murders.

In fact, the trial that starts today makes it between strong security measures, in a session focused on the selection of the twelve members of the jury, who will be away from the eyes of the public. The members of the jury shall be transferred to the Court and to their homes guarded by police for fear that the Chapo partners try to kill them.

Two leaks of prisons starring in Mexico Guzman, from the jail of Puente Grande, on January 19, 2001 and the criminal of the Altiplano, on July 11, 2015, as well as two chances which came out unscathed from two separate attacks contributed to fuel the myth, propagated by Leon, a Mexican musical subgenre where narrates the «exploits» of the drug lords.
«If you know me hair (scape) I don’t know pa (ra) what I enclose, suffer from claustrophobia», sang the thin puppy in 2015 after his escape from the prison of El Altiplano.

However, no song has done so much to the Chapo become a global phenomenon as the eponymous «El Chapo» series, which started in 2017 and completed in 2018 after three seasons. El Chapo grew up in a poor family in a ranch of Badiraguato, known as the prickly pear, where at age 15 began to cultivate and sell marijuana and opium.
«The only way to have money to buy food and survive was to cultivate opium and marijuana, and at that age I began to grow it and sell it,» said in his interview to Sean Peann Chapo.

But criminal history which is judged him would not begin until the 1980s, as a lieutenant and confidant of Miguel Angel Felix-Gallardo, «The godfather», founder of the first cartel of Guadalajara (Mexico). Then, without hardly studies, but with an undeniable natural intelligence, the Chapo devised a strategy to transport cocaine and marijuana from Colombia to United States in aircraft, making the return trip to Mexico loaded with dollars. In the Decade of the 1990s, following the arrest of Felix Gallardo in 1989, the Chapo decided to go it alone and create the Sinaloa cartel, which fought against their rivals to take over control of drug trafficking in Guadalajara and that since early 1990s transported the drug between USA and Mexico through tunnels.

Time magazine ranked the Chapo in 2009 among the 100 most influential people on the planet. Photo: AFP the power and money diverted by the Mexican Emperor of drugs led Time magazine to put it in 2009 among the 100 most influential people of the planet and the Forbes publication to be included from 2012 in the list of the richest people in the world o.Hoy, sits on the bench in the United States, where he was extradited in January of 2017, more than one year after his arrest in Mexico, and where it is considered to be the biggest dealer in the world and the public enemy number one since the death of Bin Laden in 2011. 
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