translated from Spanish: Former Presidents no longer have pension and set wages stop officials

the former Presidents will no longer receive pension and no public servant could win one higher set for the President of the Republic in the expenditure budget of the Federation.
The above was published Monday by the Congress in the official journal of the Federation (DOF) the decree whereby the law Federal of salaries of public servants, statutory articles 75 and 127 of the Constitution State policy is issued United Mexican. And it shall apply as from this Tuesday.
The law aims to regulate remuneration perceived public servants of the powers of the Union and all the other public entities Federal including those endowed of constitutional autonomy.
The document states that «all public servants must receive adequate and indispensable remuneration for the performance of its function, employment, office or Commission, which is proportional to their responsibilities».
It also stipulates that no compensation through the exercise of items whose object is different in the corresponding budget, except in the case that transfers are authorized in the budget itself or applicable law will not be covered.
From Tuesday, the remuneration of the officials is subjected to the following guiding principles: I. annuity: the remuneration is determined for each fiscal year and wages and salaries are not diminished during the same;
II. recognition of performance: compensation recognizes the efficient performance of the duties inherent to the position and the achievement of outstanding results;
III. equity: The remuneration is proportional to the responsibility of the post;
IV. Control: The remuneration is subject to monitoring, control and review by the competent authorities;
V. equality: The compensation offsets equal to equal positions in functions, responsibility, working hours and condition of efficiency, without prejudice to the acquired rights;
VI. legality: The remuneration is inalienable and conforms strictly to the provisions of the Constitution, this law, the disbursements budget, tabs and corresponding compensation manual, and VII. Transparency and accountability: the remuneration is public and all authority is obliged to inform and accountable with veracity and opportunity, giving priority to the principle of maximum publicity.
Article 4 considered remuneration or compensation any perception in cash or in kind, including diets, bonuses, bonuses, awards, rewards, bonuses, stimuli, commissions, compensation and otherwise, with the exception of props and expenses subject to verification that belong to the development of the work and travel in official activities.
In relation to the pension of the former Presidents Act makes reference to article 10: «they shall not be granted or will cover pensions, pensions or retirement assets unless they are assigned by law, Decree, collective agreement or conditions General work», for all employees who have been elected by popular election, including the President.
Also stands out that «they are not part of compensation resources who perceive public servants, in terms of law, legislative decree, collective agreement or general terms and conditions of work, related to retirement, pension or retirement assets, payments for rendered services, loans or credits, or security services that require public servants on the basis of the played position.»
The Decree States that this shall enter into force the day after its publication in the Official Gazette, i.e. on Tuesday, that «at the time of the entry into force of this Act are not effects all provisions contrary to it».

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