translated from Spanish: How looks the child who played Lucio in «Gladiator» today?

Spencer Treat Clark almost 20 years ago came to the big screen with «Gladiator». It – at that time-child she played Lucio (or Lucius), son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and the nephew of Comodo (Joaquin Phoenix). Spencer was 13 years old when she played the heir to the Roman throne. The film tells the story of Max tenth Meridio (Russell Crowe), general in command of the troops of the army at the service of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris).
After the murder of the Emperor, maximum life took an unexpected turn. It rejected their loyalty to Comodo – successor to the Royal lineage – and paid a high price for this: the life of their spouse and son. Thus he was forced to fight as a slave in the Roman Colosseum, turning it into a Gladiator. In this sense, the film accompanies the path of the hero, their struggle to survive and thirst for revenge.

After this brief overview by «Gladiator», we tell you of what the second part, confirmed a few days ago. FILO told you the argument will continue to the steps of the young Lucio. Will Spencer be again who interpret it in its adult version? Still not revealed the information. However, the actor has all conditions to face the character for the second time. One of them is his age. The passage of time is a factor that plays him in favor: not only was Lucio which grew. what was the life of Spencer Treat Clark almost 20 years of «Gladiator»?
After showing off on the big screen with the film starring Russell Crowe, Spencer Treat Clark continued his career in the medium of film. Today, it has 31 years and a great tour in the cultural industry.

Spencer today | Photo: Instagram @streatclark participated alongside Bruce Willis in «The protected» (2000) and was directed by Clint Eastwood («Gran Torino») in «Mystic River» (2003). In addition, was present in series such as «Agents of Shield» (18/2015), Marvel. There she played Werner von Strucker.

Despite the demands and obstacles that usually appear on the road, their work did not involve an impediment to continue their studies. Spencer graduated in political and economic sciences at the University of Columbia, 2019, Spencer will return to the big screen with «Glass», the second part of «The protected».

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