translated from Spanish: «I want to see my dad, will first meet with my dad»

CD. de Mexico, Mexico-Salvadoran sisters miracle of Jesus and Xiomara Nohemí Enríquez Ayala, 15 and 13, respectively, traveling alone in the caravan of migrants with one goal: re together with his father and have a decent job. It is the first time that embark on a journey of this type, but they claim that it is worthwhile.

The sisters want to reunite with his father. Photo reform «left El Salvador six months ago with my dad and were living with him in Tapachula, Chiapas. There we stayed with my brother and my dad is already in the (United) States, now we are going with him. My brother stayed in Tapachula with your spouse, but we want to be with my dad and have a decent job, whatever,»features miracle, who says that he would like to become a doctor at a hospital in EU. On Sunday, Salvadoran sisters arrived in the city of Mexico as part of a contingent of 400 Central American. Upon arrival, they rested and ate in the Pilgrim’s House, where Xiomara nostalgia invaded it by the memory of his father. «I want to see my dad. When we get first that nothing will find my dad. «He calls us, tells us that we notify you where we are going, but walking is tired and schedules that put us also because they sometimes make us lift from two o’clock in the morning and make us walk long distances, we now hang the bus» , says Xiomara, who wants to be a teacher. Young Salvadoran women are not the only who, motivated by a desire to reunite with his father and youth unemployment in their countries of origin, they chose to join the caravan of migrants which passes through Mexico on their way to the United States. In the quota are also the Keila sisters Samantha and Kensi Janet Sauceda Gómez, 21 and 17 years, respectively, who left Honduras with the idea of «a better future».

Photo reform «a future best is something different to what is in Honduras, where we cannot work, and we want to work to help our family. There there was no work for us, we will keep walking, although yesterday was quite difficult because of the cold,»says Keila. The migration of young people, whose aspiration is to United States to work, is also present in the face of Jennifer Gabriela Garay, a Honduran of 17 years who left their parents in their country of origin with the promise that will send them money as soon as it starts to labo rar. «They were sad, but I told them that I had to leave to find work. When it arrives I will send the money that wins», explains Jennifer Garay. Jennifer López Ramírez also has the illusion of having a job in the United States because he promised his mother that he would send money to his daughter. She is 22 years old and is originally from Guatemala. Traveling in the caravan of migrants accompanied by your spouse. «I’m going to work it may be.» The truth I have never worked because in my country there is no work. Arriving there I’ll find work as anything to send money for the beibi», says Jennifer López. After more than 20 days walking in the mutual company, the young people who make up the caravan already they have created bonds of friendship. They are accompanied to the bathroom, eat together and are their concerns while they rest.

 When it comes to moving from one place to another, they ensure that all addressed and only lists are thus said to follow the route. In this note:

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