translated from Spanish: Intense efforts by the right in Chile by haven of Palma Salamanca contrast with the silence of France

The Government and the ruling party tightened the accelerator after the decision to grant asylum to the former front Ricardo Palma Salamanca, author of the assassination of former Senator UDI, Jaime Guzmán French. The decision of President Sebastián Piñera of sending a personal letter to his Gallic counterpart Emmanuel Macron, joined the efforts of members of the ruling coalition parties.
However, the uproar caused in Chile by the decision of the French Office of protection for refugees and stateless persons (Ofpra), contrasts with the low media impact that has had this issue in France. Some media, like the Courrier International, L’Express, Le Figaro and Libération, echoed from the hassle of the Chilean Government with the decision in favor of the former «guerrilla» and include the explanation of the French Embassy in Santiago by clarifying that the OFPRA is an independent entity. Except that, there are no statements of representatives the Macron Government or parliamentary answer on the matter.
In Chile, instead, Palma Salamanca theme has come as ring finger to the ruling party, generating a point of unity. In fact, this morning, led by the UDI, the leaders of the four parties of Chile we reached the Embassy of France in Santiago, where they delivered a letter of repudiation. There, the head of Bank of gremialistas deputies, Javier Macaya, called upon the Executive to «take the same strength to express our rejection of the decision taken by the French Government».
The leaders held a brief meeting with the French Ambassador, Roland Dubertrand, who then went to the Foreign Ministry, where he was summoned by the Ministry. According to the Secretary general UDI, Issa Kort, after meeting with the Foreign Minister (s) Carolina Valdivia «are you going to present a note of protest, of disagreement with the decision taken by the State of France».
Since the ruling called the opposition to be added to this claim. «We believe that it can happen not only by a request of the UDI or our political sector, but rather we hope, as we have already heard in some sectors of the opposition, who have the ability to understand what is at stake here is the respect to Chile «, we hope that with all the strength that we are doing today as Chile are going, nationwide is also a this requirement», said Macaya, presidential candidate in the internal elections of the UDI.
«We ask to the left of this country that they have the ability to join this petition. «This is not something that has to do with a political color, here there is no context that justifies the murder of Jaime Guzmán», assured, accompanied by the helmsmen of RN, Evopoli and the PRI.
At the same point, the President of RN, Mario Desbordes, said that «there is an administrative process that has become a body that does not depend on the Government, but has many officials appointed by the French Government – in the previous and the current – and also because» a resolution of the French Court of Justice is at stake and, therefore here these efforts are made to the State of a friendly country and that surprised us with this measure.»
Desbordes opted to Piñera to Macron efforts yield fruits. «I believe that the Macron President listened carefully to the request of President Piñera. It has no powers to impose a decision to this office. «Refers to its members are designated, but it must be borne in mind that there are also several appointed by previous Governments, and therefore hope that Mr Macron us help in efforts that come to make this decision will be reversed».
On the other hand, Issa Kort also announced that there will be negotiations in the European Parliament, and at the same time «from the legal point of view, we have established that the hearing of December 12, we will grant and will put important attention to attorneys who have the» State of Chile in France so that they can effectively defend the interests of the State of Chile».
At this point, the Minister leading the case, Mario Carroza said while «we intend to keep the extradition, to maintain the international order with respect to all persons who are abroad and continue with the process. It is a situation that is resolved by the French law. They are public bodies and courts that resolve in form to that legislation. Therefore the extradition and the agreement that there are extraditable offences between Chile and France will have to solve also this way at the right time».
Discrepancies in the Supreme and the opposition in the middle of this panorama, came a focus of disagreement at the level of the Supreme Court, then Guillermo Silva, spokesman for the Court, stated that it accepted «the autonomy and independence of the State of France». But he noted that his sayings were personally, other Ministers as Carlos Aránguiz raised to the decision of the French Office of protection of refugees and stateless persons (Ofpra) «not only an unacceptable snub of an autonomous decision of a judiciary immersed in a democratic State, but a very bad international sign with respect to the global partnership against terrorism». Another judge, Arturo Prado also told El Mercurio that «just as we recognize and respect the sovereignty of the French State, we must be firm and categorical to defend vigorously the normal functioning of our institutions».
It is expected that the issue be discussed at a plenum of the Supreme Court shortly, but since the highest court there has been no confirmation of this meeting.
There are also differences in the opposition.  While leaders like the President of the Communist Party, Guillermo Teillier, have expressed support for the gala definition, pointing out that «it is a sovereign decision of a State that makes use of the right to asylum», this morning, after the coordination meeting between the Socialist Party (PS) and the party for democracy (PPD), their helmsmen Alvaro Elizalde and Heraldo Muñoz reaffirmed its rejection of the decision of the French on the former front, although they slipped their criticisms to the management of the Government.
Muñoz was emphatic in that «you have to be very clear is we are strictly against a crime committed in a democracy, but there is also a responsibility of the Government, when there has been no in Paris an Ambassador for 8 months that could have done steps».

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