translated from Spanish: Made by the Federal police expertise would Chocobar

a new expertise, carried out by the laboratory of test materials of the Commission National Atomic Energy, determined in the last hours that the bullet that shot the policeman Luis Chocobar and It was the death of the thief was not a direct impact product. According to expertise, the projectile had before bounced on the floor, which would demonstrate that the officer shot does not kill. In this way, the case could take an important shift, since the Supreme Court last week had ratified unanimously by shoot and kill Kukoc processing. 

The bullet contained abundant presence of embedded silicates, which are compounds in the tread of vehicular circulation components. The study by the unit crime of high complexity of Federal Police understood the study of images of video, kidnapped ballistic material and clothing carrying the thief. Its result would confirm the thrown by the expertise that made the strength of the city, saying that the bullet went back ahead, from right to left and bottom upward at a minimum slope before killing Pablo Kukoc.

Together with the President @mauriciomacri received the police officer Luis Chocobar who saved a tourist of death. He acted in compliance with its duty to police and should thus be interpreted. We want to defend the cops who care for the people and not to finish accused or prisoners— Patricia Bullrich (@PatoBullrich) February 1, 2018 on December 8 last year, Chocobar killed Pablo Kukoc for 18 years, after q This EU himself Joe Wolek American tourists to steal a camera in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of La Boca.

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