translated from Spanish: Marcela Vacarezza published the first photo together with his son-in-law, the son of Diana Bolocco

10:15 the psychologist and his family to spent the weekend in Cachagua and had a special guest, Peter, Florence pololo.

Marcela Vacarezza surprised everyone in your social networks by sharing the first postcard mother-in-law with her daughter Florence and the son of Diana Bolocco, Pedro.La psychologist was one of the many who decided to leave Santiago the long weekend to take a break in fam «ilia, which this time included the pololo of her eldest daughter, who invited Cachagua.» Back to Santiago. Already a little taco in tolls. Tired auto comes. We expect a delicious lunch of empanadas. Good Sunday to all», wrote the spouse of Rafael Araneda in the postcard featuring the three and reflects the good vibes that have with Pedro.La image was filled with positive reviews which praised his son-in-law:»I love the son of Diana, so beautiful» «you will be a very good mother, beautiful kisses,» «I love», «your so handsome and beautiful Marcelita Diana son daughter… cute couple», «tender», were some of the messages. He pololeo between Florence and Pedro was harshly long time a rumor. However, the same Diana confirmed the relationship of the teenager in the program «Go long», which said that they were together and that the families were close.

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