translated from Spanish: Mid-term US elections: what is being voted upon and are key to the political future of Donald Trump?

the future in the American Judicial power will be in the medium term this Tuesday 6 elections a new episode whose relevance on the political future of the United States is full. In a country where decisions both in internal politics as well as outdoor does not rely exclusively on who occupy the Oval room, the results and the final composition of the Congress is transcendental. 

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The so-called midterm elections will renew the entire House of representatives as well as one-third of the seats that make up the Senado.Los Congressmen of the House of representatives are elected every two years, so it is renewed in its entirety both in legislative elections as presidential. In terms of senators, they meet six-year terms, so every two is renewed only a third of the Chamber. In addition to these charges, will choose Governors in 36 States, as well as are at stake more than 300 mayors, including that of Washington.

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Depending on the course of events of next Tuesday, there are three potential scenarios to consider: A democratic majority in the House, but Republican control in the Senate: this scenario, the most likely depending on the benches which are renewed, It would limit the room for manoeuvre of Trump and generate a partisan counterweight at the Congress, with the risk of bringing it to a State of “paralysis”. 

Democratic majority in both chambers: this circumstance is the least likely. I should happen, it would give majorities the power to block Trump candidates to posts in the Administration and the national judicial composition. The Republicans keep both majorities: A potential (and unexpected) Republican victory on both fronts give the President a new opportunity to attack again on cuts in social programs and health promoted during Obama.La management key electoral participation traditionally, mid term elections have a significantly lower share than the presidential elections. Be a working day and the lack of mandatory carried only between 35% and 40% of the electorate usually go to the polls. This low participation is a huge challenge for Democrats, since youth and class workers, primary election the party flow, vote less in this call.

The elections take place within the framework of the verbal escalation maintained by the US President in recent weeks. Trying to maintain control of Congress, Trump remains determined to toughen the rhetorical anti immigrant, axis of his win in 2016. 


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