translated from Spanish: Mothers of disappeared migrants create global network of search

Rosa Idalia Jimenez and Souad Ben Sassi, are two women from different continents and countries, the first is from El Salvador and the second, from Tunisia, but they share the same pain, both are mothers of migrants missing and members of the global network for your search, through which mothers from all over the world in this situation help each other to find their children.
The differences of languages, religions, countries, don’t matter in this network because all members have the same goals: find their loved ones and avoid the disappearances of migrants to continue happening.
Within the framework of the World Summit of mothers of disappeared migrants, held in city of Mexico, the attendees agreed the creation of the global network of mothers of disappeared migrants.
This network will be integrated, detailed, by women of Mexico; Guatemala; El Salvador; Nicaragua; Honduras; Spain; Italy; Algeria; Tunisia; Senegal; Morocco; Mauritania, and United States cross through the same situation.
The President of the Mesoamerican migrant movement and organizer of the event, Martha Sánchez Soler, indicated that the first step of this network is to create a digital platform will focus where the names, countries and all personal details of the people who they disappeared while they migrated and those who seek them.
In addition will make groups of messaging and other strategies to continue contact and from there to establish actions to help each other.
«We have much work to do, we must first build the databases with record sheets, we have to build a mailing list but also a list of WhatsApp to keep in communication so that everything that we talked is not in a» «I dream, but that becomes a reality, as the event became a reality I have great expectation that if we achieve joint actions», said.
Among the works that agreed to mothers of the migrants are the Organization of virtual training workshops that explain the ways to perform searches and talks so seeking women empower regardless of the situation political or economic that living in their countries of origin.
In addition, through the network, they will seek specialists in public universities that can help them in their quest. For example, forensic anthropologists, in the case of the clandestine mass graves, or psychologists for the emotional support they need.
«One of the things that gets along with more enthusiasm is listen to Martha now in this close and understand that they can tell the mothers with the others, in that sense of responsibility and understand to hear the voice of Tunisia in Mexico but at the same time the voice of Mex» ICO is heard in Tunisia», said Imed Soltani of the Earth Organization for all of Tunisia.
«It has made us feel that we are making progress, we are still working to strengthen networks each and make a network worldwide and demand laws that each of our countries have come true», said Catherine López of Guatemala.
As part of the presentation of the network women unveiled a manifesto that I ask all countries respect international treaties on migration that have signed and which in his view have not been fulfilled.
«Human rights are being violated systematically (…) No person is illegal, no person is illegal, they are policies that violate the human rights framework», States the document.
Moreover, it points out that families are separated in detention prior to deportation centres which holds that you should stop because it violates the rights of people.
«We are responsible to the States of the world for the pain that we have gathered in this Summit, and claim the right of all to a dignified life,» raises the manifesto.
The World Summit of mothers of disappeared migrants was conducted from the pass Friday to Sunday at the Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco.
This involved dozens of women around the world who are looking for their loved ones disappeared during a migration.
The main intention of the Summit was to exchange experiences and articulate as a working group to take the example of best practices for search and prevent more disappearances by the fact of leaving a country and find a better life.

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