translated from Spanish: Nataly Chilet denied denunciation of Daniela Castro: “If you keep making your TV show, go through the courts”

the panelist of the program “Intruders”, Nataly Chilet, gave a strong response “MasterChef” winner, who fi last weekend launched a prosecution against his friends for an alleged assault to a close in a Vitacura.En Center Instagram account, the former panelist of “Happy” aimed against the alleged companions of the model as the cause of the pe read.” They beat him to Diego de la nada, the truth is that it was a too violent situation and while Natalie is not guilty, it is ugly that it disengages after what her friends do, “said Castro.La Cook added that”part of being a lady is take charge bella. “The lack of empathy and humanity is bothering me much, she works in a program where it says no to violence and here did nothing to stop it”. Chilet wore your space in the program of entertainment for the network to deliver its disclaimers and deny accusations of Daniela.” She (Daniela) lies. “I was not when occurred the quarrel which involved a friend and the people who participated in the fight, I want to clarify that they are my close friends, nor less my manager”, said. The panelist said that when withdrew from the party, saw a couple – that she didn’t know – was discussing. However, to see that they beat him such a woman, did not hesitate to go to his aid. He then withdrew from the place, where was also present the chef.” Daniela was when they beat him to the woman and did nothing, it did not help. The mad made. So I didn’t I humanity and empathy. The quarrel happened when I had already gone and apparently involved a man named Diego, friend of her. “Desmiento emphatically what she says that those who took part in the brawl were my ‘close friends’ or my manager, which is absolutely false… I have no manager”, he added. Visibly upset, Natalie launched a tough warning to Castro: “Daniela now that you’re sober, I hope that I can understand. If you were witness to a fight involving a friend of yours makes a complaint and andes not looking to grab a few minutes of screen with a serious theme. And if you are still making up your television show, this is going to make judicial.” After this he said that he spoke with his lawyer to eventually take legal action for “insults, prejudice and lies” generated by this conflict.

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