translated from Spanish: Nature and technology can live

we have seen plenty of movies where technology dominates human and takes over the environment into cold, dark and desolate places. But none of those scenarios happened by chance and they could have been avoided creating synergy between technology and ecology.
Perhaps that is science fiction, but companies must now take actions where the technological impact to reduce its environmental impact.
The computers consume power, let’s start by recognizing that this energy is produced, in its vast majority, from polluting sources. Working with electrical energy produces heat, this combination between power consumption and heat production increases the production of carbon dioxide (CO2) and, consequently, greenhouse gas emissions.

The computers not only impact on the environment with their use, once they reach their obsolescence period become debris, mostly plastic, that can be reused.
The aim of the companies must be having efficient and flexible equipment enabling clean and ecological operating environments. That is why it is necessary to have a plan that will allow the acquisition and use of equipment that meet energy saving certifications.
Within the plan of ecological impact is the use of a technology base that gives us immediate savings in the use of consumables and electrical energy. Now there are multifunctional day allowing you to scan documents instead of print and store them in the cloud; This, in addition to reducing costs in constant growth of infrastructure, reduces the consumption of energy on the inside of the company.
Thinking environmentally is not a fad, it’s a tangible issue on the environment and on the finances of the business.
Carry out an action plan for ecological impact can be a laborious task for little trained, therefore Japanese Kyocera, within its TDS evaluation, he has experts that will make the best recommendations and, where appropriate, the implementation of technologies and practices that directly benefit the ecology and economy of your company.
You can start the plan’s environmental impact right now with simple actions.
-Activate the mode is automatic suspension on computers.
-Make smart use of impressions.
-Purchase of equipment complying with energy saving standards.
To find out if you require a plan integral now takes the TDS assessment of Kyocera, no matter the size of your company, insurance will help you to understand the current state of your company.

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